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Why LatInc

LatInc is the global Latino professionals networking app & website that enables collaboration between Latino Students and Professionals. You can easily find other Latino Professionals, collaborate and discover opportunities.


Showcase your profile & get discovered by hiring companies.


Find and connect with thousands of Latino Professionals and Students. Collaborate, get referralsand discover job opportunities.


Take your career to next level. Training and career development opportunities.


Find and Apply for jobs. Get notified about new and undiscovered job opportunities.


Our objective is to help Latino professionals, students and entrepreneurs connect and advance by providing a cutting edge social networking platform. We also want to bring companies and professionals together using advanced search and recommendation engines

The Challenge

A big gap exists in services that help advance the career goals of Latino professionals across the world. At the same time, corporations struggle to find talented Latinos to diversify their workforce and meet customers' expectations.

The Solution

LatInc is a social networking platform that leverages personal relationships to build a dynamic talent pipeline of Latino professionals around the world. LatInc is a culture-sensitive networking platform that will not only help users connect with friends and colleagues but will also empower them to advance in their career by providing integrated services like resume building, mentoring and training recommendations.

The Impact

This powerful cultural-sensitive career advancement platform that will transform the way Latinos perform professional networking and career service offering. A demographic driven collaboration platform where customers can:

  • Connect and advance in their career
  • Receive and deliver mentorship and career counseling
  • Perform job search and talent recruitment

LatInc will empower Latinos across the world to meet other professionals, advance their careers by tapping in to their rich and diverse cultural heritage.

What's different about LatInc?

Bring all of yourself

We respect diversity and value the rich heritage of Latinos around the globe. We have built the core of our platform to enable our users to leverage their strengths, heritage and culture in advancement of their careers

Integrated Career Services

One of the key differentiating factors for LatInc is our focus on integrated services. For example, we have built a mentoring service right into the platform. This would enable experienced professionals to help other users on their career path.

Enhanced Features

We have built several cool features that you will love - like our premium profile service that will help you build and promote your personal brand.

Building Blocks

Premium Profile

  • Create Professional Résumé
  • Showcase Recommendations and Endorsements
  • Stand out and get in touch with hiring managers

Find Mentors and get coaching

  • Gain a Foothold
  • Get Referrals
  • Build Relationships

Curated educational and training content delivery

  • Enhance your Skills & Competencies
  • Discover Tutors & Training Institutes
  • Trainers - Post your courses, connect with students & grow your business

Find Jobs and internships that interest you

  • Get Headhunted by Best Recruiters‎
  • Job Search, Career Advice & Hiring Resources
  • Employers - Post jobs & Hire


  • Discover great events & know whats "Happening...!"
  • Create your own events & sell tickets

Why we need LatInc?

With a growing global Spanish-speaking population of 550 Million of which of those 55 Million of Latinos are living in the USA, the network base and the need for services is quite extensive.

The shift in the demographics in the US is bringing the corporate-America's attention to the Latino community- Corporations have a urgent need to respond to this changing demographic.

Latin America and the Caribbean are experiencing a dramatic surge of its economies and middle class, 50 million individuals were added to the middle class—bringing the total from around 115 million people to over 165 million to the middle class consumer population.

Latin America is home to approximately 155.9 million smart cell phones and it is expected to grow to 245.6 million by 2019; LatInc will be leveraging this technology adoption connecting them to career services.

There are about 616 millions of Internet users in Latin America and 297 million Facebook users tells us that Latinos are adopting to technology as a fast rate than other demographic groups, The Latino on-line market is stable and growing and ready to welcome new technologies services.