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Great Read! Loved every word! Rated: 4 stars on 7 Reviews. Dark, gritty thriller with a great storyline and very well written! I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mysterious, twisted, dark thriller! Bow Street series: Kindle Store

Absolutely mindblowing! Excellent dark and twisted romance! Dark romance at its best!

Please Note: Part 1 of a 3 Book serial series. Cliffhanger ending. Reviewers love it: Wonderful immersive story! Exquisitely Beautiful Romance! Kirkus Reviews endorses it. As does Midwest Book Review. Reviewers love it: Impossible to put down once you pick up! Perfect read! Highly recommend for anyone who likes a suspenseful and action packed mystery novel! Really good book if you like Mystery and Suspense and I do!

Rated: 5 stars on 1 Reviews. Reviewer: Verona is well worth a visit, even without Romeo and Juliette.


This will take you there! Excellent story that also happens to provide a pleasant travel escape! Rated: 5 stars on 8 Reviews. Rated: 5 stars on 2 Reviews. Reviewers love it: Great Book So Far! Read this Book! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good action packed story! Based on real life experiences. A first class read on the underbelly of triad life! Another very well-written story! A very realistic story of Triads and the heroin trade! Rated: 4 stars on Reviews.

Great EMP Story! When every person near you is desperate to survive at any cost, could you survive?

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One of my favorite post-apocalyptic books! Reviewers love it: An outstanding and well written Romance Mystery novel! This novel has one of the best lead characters that I had ever read in a book! A good mixture of mystery and romance! More ups and downs than a roller coaster!

Buy this now! Rated: 4 stars on 22 Reviews. Will that give you time to examine his papers? That will give me ample time. When Armitage had left she stared at her hands. What did she feel? Primarily a numbness; and that relief. She and Frank had not been married long before the little attentions started to be eroded; before the year was out he was ordering her about, often shouting at her for being clumsy, not as svelte as she had been before the weight of pregnancy robbed her of her lithe step and worked upon her indifferent health.

He had been jealous too as soon as the baby was born; little Frances.

KATNISS vs HERMIONE: Princess Rap Battle (Molly C. Quinn & Whitney Avalon)

And angry that Jane had been sorely pulled by the birth. She had worked hard to get her figure back though it had tired her, to try to regain his regard; but when she found the letter from the Female that Frank was maintaining, and discovered by a reference in the letter that he had been seeing her at least since they had been married but three months she had stopped bothering; and took a perverse pleasure in answering Frank in as few words as possible in the colourless tone she had used to others to cover their secret engagement.

He had suspected an affaire and had beaten her; which in light of his own infidelity Jane considered unfair in the extreme. It must indeed have been someone big and strong to fell him. There could not be many tall enough to make such a blow; did one suspect the one who broke the news? Somehow Jane could not see the straight-looking Mr Armitage as an assassin with a false blow from behind; there was that to him that recalled to her Mr George Knightley, the man who had married Emma, with whom Frank had flirted. Mr Knightley could never do anything underhanded like hit a man from behind; and somehow instinct said nor could the runner.

There were plenty of tall men in London who had been in the army until it was disbanded. And the sooner she got down to work the sooner the shame and humiliation of reading any letters would be over. Jane regarded the five documents she considered most significant; her thin hands shook slightly as she straightened the creases nervously, arranging them on the table.

None of the documents was very pleasant to contemplate and together they told a sordid story that did not reflect well on Frank at all. Toggle navigation. ADS 3. The Age of Magic by Ben Okri. Thanks for the list, Meredith! Emma is my favorite JA, but I have only read one sequel — Mr.

Honestly, she is not one of my favorite characters in Emma. Elton soon. The two epistolary novels were wonderful… The first one takes place during the time of Emma but the story is told by Mrs. Goddard who corresponds to her sister. A- Thanks for stopping by and checking out the list!

A Henry Fielding Companion

I sometimes wish I lived in Highbury, what a wonderful world she created! Emma and Knightley is a sequel to Emma and may not be the best of sequels, but it is an interesting take on it. I loved Mr. There are a couple of books about Jane Fairfax, I have only read one. I think Jane Fairfax is a wonderful subject! Each of the stories is a modernized retelling, very engaging and entertaining. Perfect for the Austen fan and newbies alike.

I love Debra White series! Amanda is on this list right under Mr. Sorry if it is confusing, this list is chronological not alphabetical. Ive just read tea with emma. I just finished it i couldnt put it down.