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Commonwealth is a book that I enjoyed every minute of reading. My discomfort with a specific theme of the story began to make me actually dislike the entire book. But, by the halfway point, Greenwood completely brought me around again. She sold me on her creepy storyline to the tune of 4 stars instead of the 2. Greenwood wrote in a way that demanded my sympathy for and understanding of these characters, despite my initial misgivings.

Because All the Ugly and Wonderful Things addresses a controversial topic likely to spark strong feelings one way or another, it would make an excellent book club selection.

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Criminal dynasties, drugs, violence, law enforcement, loyalty, family. It goes way beyond simple pride or honor. Pride is a brand-new red bike or a better-paying job. They were born into it, and the fight comes on real hard when someone threatens to take it away. Tag: Multi-Generational Family Saga. Get Weekly Email Updates! My jaw was already on the floor and what did Panowich do?

He made it drop again. Thanks to Sara Taylor, I knew what to do this time around and immediately started taking notes on the characters and their relationships! I loved how this structure enabled Panowich to slowly reveal the true nature of things. The Burroughs family makes their living through crime the particular crime changes over generations and reminded me of the Knox family in Natchez Burning both families have one member in law enforcement. Once you get to a certain point in the story, this is not a book you can easily put down. Another Brooklyn , Jacqueline Woodson.

Collecting and Using City Directories

For August and her friends, growing up in the '70s in New York, there are two Brooklyns. After winning the National Book Award for her middle-grade novel in verse, Brown Girl Dreaming , Jacqueline Woodson returns with this stunning new novel for adults. Emperor of the Eight Islands , Lian Hearn. Inspired by medieval Japanese legends, this richly imagined fantasy takes place in a world where gods and monsters walk side by side with men.

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  4. Two feuding clans war for control of the emperor. A noble young lord is usurped by his scheming uncle. And a mountain sorcerer is preparing a mask for a lost young man.

    A Novel of the New American West

    Underground Airlines , Ben H. Slavery is still legal in four states. Victor has been free since he was 14 years old. This is a smart and compelling thriller, set in an alternate reality that bears an uncomfortable resemblance to our own. People have reportedly been murdered for their pet arowanas.

    Her search takes her everywhere from fish conventions to tropical wildernesses. You may never before have devoted much thought to the colorful world of illegal luxury fish trading. But just wait until Voigt gets her hooks into you. Beloved genre writer Neil Gaiman, the author of American Gods and the Sandman graphic novels, among others, turns the spotlight on his often-neglected nonfiction.

    Reading it feels like staying up all night talking about absolutely everything with your smartest friend.

    100 Must-Read Generational and Family Novels

    Stik , Stik. Forget Banksy. Stik was homeless when he started painting, squatting in vacant East End buildings with a group of activists who helped him get back on his feet. Known and Strange Things , Teju Cole.

    The Beauty of Multigenerational Novels

    Teju Cole is a professional art historian, but this book of essays has a scope that extends far beyond the visual arts. Wielding his prose with surgical precision, he examines politics, history, and culture; Virginia Wolf, Palestine, and Boko Haram.

    But they find themselves out together on the first night of Pride — and then they get to know each other very well indeed. As they come together to tell this story in alternate chapters, the results are funny, honest, and at times heartbreaking. And second, Hannah might not actually want Daisy to make a big public deal over what a good pal she is.

    This sweet-natured deconstruction of the straight savior narrative is smart, funny, and revealing.

    A Better Past: A Family Saga - Lynn Dawson; | Foyles Bookstore

    And Akaran has secrets of its own. The Star-Touched Queen is a swooningly romantic love story with the structure of Hades and Persephone, inflected with Indian mythology. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email.