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The view here? Kawhi has earned the right to take his time. He has had three good options from which to choose — the champion Raptors, who could offer him the most money; a presumed Lakers superteam with James and Davis but also a bunch of guys on minimum contracts ; and a Clippers roster on which he would be a perfect fit and in all likelihood the missing piece. Have we said the opening of free agency was a joke?

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Nobody observes the negotiating limits. And the tampering rules, selectively enforced as they are, are laughable to the point of irrelevancy.


I guess the latter constitutes free speech. By then, the cap number for the coming season should be established.

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Allow teams to make and announce deals — which, among other things, will get rid of the absurdity of a drafted player walking on stage in the cap of a team that got rid of him two trades ago. Allow the negotiation process with free agents to begin, legally and openly, that day after the Finals.

July 6 can forever be known as the Kawhi Leonard Deadline. By Jim Alexander jalexander scng. Stay tuned.

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During the game, we sat in the arcade section, which was a first for me. Those are the handful of rows high above right field, just in front of the drop off into McCovey Cove.

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In the sixth inning, he launched a shot that seemed all but destined to splash down behind us, but instead, it hit a flag pole and bounced back towards us, making a resounding thunk on the tin roof just in front of us before bouncing back onto the field. The game ended, and as if they had been counting the outs, they took over the stadium and we went home. Mar

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