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  1. Door-to-door sales ban begins in Ontario | Ottawa Citizen
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Door-to-door sales ban begins in Ontario | Ottawa Citizen

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Secrets Of A Door-To-Door Salesman

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Most Popular Door To Door Salesman Movies and TV Shows

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No Monthly Quotas No quotas, No minimums. Appearing in , Willy Loman embodied all that it meant to be an ideal American at the time: white, male, hard-working, and forever clutching at the well-advertised American aesthetic of being able to turn lead into gold through sheer will and being well-liked. As far as salesman go, Willy, despite believing himself to be more charming and successful than he is, is painfully sub-par. Miller, in an attempt to render Willy as a mirror-like John Doe any disgruntled white male could see himself in, never mentions exactly what Willy sells, or is supposed to sell.

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In this, Willy Loman is unparalleled. Through a maniacal range of mental machinations, Willy has the ability to distort his own perception of reality, as well as that of his family, allowing him to frequently make life appear shinier than it is, or ever will be. I never have to wait in line to see a buyer. For those living in the white picket fence, apple pie, Coca-Cola version of 20th-century Americana, white men in suits bearing briefcases containing samples, Hoover vacuums , or even overpriced Bibles knocking at their doors was no strange occurrence.

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  • In the documentary Salesman , brothers Albert and David Maysles, along with co-director Charlotte Zwerin, follow four Bible salesman around America. Paul Brennan, an older employee of the Mid-American Bible Company, can be seen lamenting his lack of sales one moment, while drumming on his steering wheel and singing tunes of prosperity the next. Like Willy, Paul believes all he needs to do to turn his luck around is buckle down. While 20th-century salesmen like Willy, Paul, and others bolstered their confidence by reconstructing the world around them in a way that often made them both hero and victim, one of the chief reasons that they were able to willfully believe they could sell to anyone was that buyers — whether unsuspecting housewives or advertisers looking to get an edge — often operated at an informational disadvantage.

    Results for : door to door salesman

    Trouble is, with used cars, only the seller knows whether the vehicle is a lemon or a peach. The stereotypical salesperson—loud, arrogant, flashy, male, and white—is still very much embedded in the American psyche. With enforced safeguards, like warranties and terms of conditions, paired with the rise of the internet, where people can quickly Google product information, comparisons, and reviews, the salesman of the 21st century has had to adapt. And while it is still possible for modern-day Willy Lomans to exist and multiply in the breeding grounds of Wolf of Wall Street -esque boys clubs and boiler rooms , society is less forgiving.

    Despite these changes in the world of sales and consumerism, the stereotypical salesperson—loud, arrogant, flashy, male, and white—is still very much embedded in the American psyche. All of this makes the goals of my novel-in-progress highly ambitious, and potentially foolhardy, but not impossible. He is human. He makes mistakes.

    Secrets of a Door-to-Door Salesman 1973 comedy film scenes

    These men are relics of what America was rather than what it is becoming, or what we might want it to be. But this is short-sighted. And our stories must be told. It is because of this disparity between the reality we experience and the words we read on the page that literature is sorely in need of a new salesman to root for, and, at times, hate.

    In my novel-in-progress, just as in reality, there are salesmen and saleswomen of color, gay and bi salespeople, salespeople born with silver spoons in their mouths and salespeople who still struggle to get the taste of dirt out. Sign up for our newsletter to get submission announcements and stay on top of our best work.