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  1. Images of War: WWI French Air Force & WWII German Half-Tracks – Review by Mark Barnes
  2. Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives
  3. German Half-Tracks at War 1939 - 1945
  4. - German Halftracks At War

Hart , Osprey New Vanguard This look at what was probably the best German tank of the Second World War concentrates on the technical development of the Panther. The text is divided into chapters on each of the major versions of the Panther, looking at their development, production, deployment and combat career. As a result the text flows well, and each new development is placed properly in its context.

Images of War: WWI French Air Force & WWII German Half-Tracks – Review by Mark Barnes

Jerchel, M and Sarson, P. Japanese Tanks, , Steven J. Zaloga , Osprey New Vanguard A well written and illustrated look at the tanks produced for the Japanese army from the late s to the end of the Second World War. This is a good overview of this neglected subject, looking at both the development of their tanks and their use in combat. A brief history of a tank that was too advanced for its own good, combining advanced features that meant it couldn't be exported with an unreliable engine that made it unsuited for service with the Red Army for many years after it first appeared.

The limited service life of the T allows the author to focus on the complex and troubled development process, giving us an interesting picture of the way tank development worked in the Soviet Union [ read full review ]. A good overview of the development of Soviet Tanks from the early models based on British and American originals to the excellent Russian designed T and the heavy IS tanks. Bean and Fowler also look at the development of Soviet tank doctrine, the impact of Stalin's purges on the tank forces, and their use in combat from the small-scale clashes in the Far East to the apocalyptic fighting on the Eastern Front between A little lacking on precise details of the sub-variants of some of the tanks, but otherwise very good.

Looks at the war between India and Pakistan, a rare example of a post-war conflict in which British and American tanks served on opposite sides.

Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

Includes a useful account of the development of the two tanks, the versions in service during the war and an account of the fighting itself. Not so strong on the direct comparison between the effectiveness of the two types when operating against each other [ read full review ]. Looks at the most numerous British tank of the Second World War, but one that only saw limited combat service, mainly in North Africa. Notable for the amount of information packed into a series of tables, including specifications and identifying features of the many versions of the Valentine, as well as the interesting material on the interior of the tank, how it was driven, and on the many special variants such as the Archer self -propelled gun, which carried its main gun pointing backwards.

A good quality selection of photos, organised by the British designations Light, Cruiser, Infantry and Heavy , along with chapters on the development of the tank, American tanks in British service and the 'funnies' that were the most important British contribution to wartime tank design.

The French Air Force in World War I

Combines a history of the British armoured forces, and in particular the Royal Tank Corps and Royal Armoured Corps, with a guide to the resources available for family histories trying to trace ancestors who served in British tanks [ read full review ]. An interesting look at the evolution of the British anti-tank gun, from the tiny early 2-pdrs up to the massive pdr guns and the self-propelled tank destroyers that appeared late in the war. Looks at two very light tank destroyers developed for the Cold War but that never saw action against enemy army, but instead saw limited use as infantry support weapons during the Vietnam War.

Both were seen as expendable weapons, combining heavy firepower with a light and easy to produce vehicle, but neither was produced in very large numbers, both were made obsolete by anti-tank missiles Read Full Review. A photographic study of the US armoured forces, covering the period from the armoured cars of to the end of the twentieth century.

Focuses largely on the crews and their equipment, showing how that has evolved over the years. Larger than normal entry in the Images of War series looking at the M4 Sherman tank, with a good range of photos, including some unusual pictures of tanks under construction, the interior of the Sherman and individual components, all supported by good captions and useful chapter introductions. Sturmgeschutze - Armoured Assult Guns.

Tiger in Combat. Don A. Tigers in the Mud. Otto Carius. The Red Army in Combat Panther vs Sherman. Steven J. Arnhem A bridge Too far? Chris McNab. Eastern Front: Night Combat. Battle Story: Bulge Andrew Rawson. Hans Seidler. Backroom Boys. Graeme Sligo. The Afrika Korps In Combat. Normandy Crucible. John Prados. SdKfz Half-Track — Bruce Culver. Battle of Kursk Bolt Action: Armies of Germany. Warwick Kinrade.

American Half Tracks of World War II

Winter Storm. Hans Wijers. Hitler's Defeat on the Eastern Front. Ian Baxter. Luftwaffe Flak and Field Divisions Iron Fist: Classic Armoured Warfare. Bryan Perrett.

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Battle of the Bulge. Armoured Warfare in the Battle for Normandy. Nigel Thomas. Luftwaffe Field Divisions — Kevin Conley Ruffner. Battle of the Bulge 2. Panzers in the Sand. Bernd Hartmann.

German Half-Tracks at War 1939 - 1945

Armor Battles of the Waffen SS. Will Fey. Hell's Highway. Tim Saunders.

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Alistair Smith. The Atlantic Wall 1. Liam McCann.

- German Halftracks At War

The Fall of Eben Emael. Voices of the Bulge. Michael Collins. Blood and Steel. Donald E. John Norris. Battle of the Bulge 1.