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When Inuyasha tries to follow, he is blocked by a spirit shield. Miroku has noticed the Shikon Jewel shard embedded in Kohaku's back, and Kagome positively identified the boy as Sango's dead brother. Meanwhile, Naraku tempts Sango: Kohaku's life depends on the shard. He may free her brother if she brings him the Tessaiga. Shocked, she vehemently refuses to take the bribe, and Naraku disappears.

As she rejoins the group, Sango seems troubled, and asks Miroku to perform a service to the dead of the village. They go back and bury the bodies, using Kirara to help disarm the booby-traps. As Miroku explains to Kagome and Inuyasha that Naraku probably taunted Sango by showing he can manipulate her brother like a puppet, but she can't kill him, Inuyasha replies that if she can't stop Kohaku, he, Inuyasha, is going to do it.

He rudely asks Sango if she has a problem with that, and she doesn't respond. While everyone but her sleeps, she ponders what to do. The couple is shown to be quite happy in build a family together and may restart Sango's old village with new members, so at least 10 children seems to be very real to them.

Kohaku was Sango's younger brother. He was killed by a demon possessing a castle's lord during one of the demon slayers' missions, and was controlled to kill every demon slayer that was there, including their father. He was later revived by Naraku as a human puppet, and had a Sacred Jewel shard embedded in his back to keep him alive and under the control of Naraku, without memory of what he had done. Sango went through great lengths to save Kohaku from Naraku's grasp, even if it meant killing herself in the process.

Although Kohaku was five years younger than Sango, she had a very close relationship with him, and always looked after and protected him, but with a very mature respect. She took her role as his older sister very seriously, and throughout the entire story constantly went out of her way and put herself in danger to try to rescue him from Naraku, and make him remember her. It was also clearly shown how much Kohaku means to her by her intense emotional distress each time she leaves from an encounter with him.

She was extremely protective of Kohaku, and always felt responsible for the sinful actions he had committed, often appearing angry at him. It pained her to see him under the control of Naraku. After he regained his memories and returned to normal, Sango was always supportive of his decisions.

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The love between the two siblings always remained strong. After Sango got married and started a new family with Miroku and her three kids, she allowed Kirara to train and travel with Kohaku on his quest to become a strong demon slayer and to help people troubled by demons.

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  • She still loved her brother and Kirara very much while eagerly waiting for them. Sango's two tailed demon cat partner and friend, Kirara originally belonged to the priestess Midoriko, eventually finding her way to Sango's grandfather and father. When Sango was young, Kirara was given to her by her father as a gift. Both cared about each other, and were always willing to battle alongside each other. Kirara always gave Sango a ride, or acted as a way to reach higher altitudes for her to attack from.

    Kirara always caught Sango when she fell, and they fought exceptionally well together. Kirara loved Sango, and Sango loved Kirara. The both of them were so attached that Sango worried constantly for Kirara whenever she would disappear. Sometimes Sango even felt guilty and blamed herself for not treating Kirara better. In Episode 97 , when Sango thought Kirara was dead, she was heartbroken. At the end of the series, Kirara often travelled with Kohaku as he tried to become a more talented demon slayer.

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    The two girls have a sisterly love and friendship. Both discussed secrets and feelings amongst themselves.


    Eventually, Kagome revealed that "Sango is my best friend, I will do anything to save her". For example, whenever the two bathe, they discuss what problems they had. Coincidentally, both girls were the eldest children in their family, both were older sisters who loved their younger brothers, both become married, and both owned a cat or in Sango's case, cat demon. Kagome sometimes tended to Sango's wounds after battles, and Sango would take care of Kagome whenever she was injured or got sick. Originally, Sango was tricked by Naraku, into getting her to trust him.

    He had been impersonating Kagewaki Hitomi , the young lord of a castle. When she later learned that Naraku destroyed her village, she felt bad and joined the group. Inuyasha and Sango's relationship was originally somewhat strained, but later on they become very great, trusting friends. In The Last Banquet of Miroku's Master , after becoming intoxicated by the sake mist, she showed some kind of infatuation toward Inuyasha and even tried to kiss him.

    While a very comic scene, it does reveal that Sango is, actually, interested in relationships, while Miroku considers her very special as he grows very jealous of Inuyasha who tries to fend her off. In The Red and White Priestesses , when two miko created their own versions of Inuyasha and Kagome, Sango stated that she wouldn't mind fighting Inuyasha and that she could fight him all day without feeling guilt much to his annoyance when she called the copy by his name. Also, when Sango was just about to kill Kohaku, who was possessed at the time, and then herself, Inuyasha came in the nick of time and promised her that they would get Kohaku back.

    This also played a part in a later episode. When Inuyasha first pointed out that Sango may have been jealous of the attention Miroku was giving the other girls, she glared at him, stating that it was his imagination. She would later glare at him whenever he insulted Miroku and his lechery, much to Inuyasha's confusion and fear. Sango's dark looks were quite formidable, as everyone in the group was intimidated by her glare. Whenever Inuyasha was acting stubborn, she would remain quiet and just let Miroku or Kagome chastise him.

    During the events in which Inuyasha was struggling with his inner demon, Sango was willing to stay with Inuyasha, and would continue to help him even if he became a full demon. This was due to him helping her when she was suffering over her family and her brother.

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    This showed that she developed even further trust in him and showed how their friendship continued to build, even though he could be a threat to her and her friends. She was often exasperated with him, and spoke up defensively for Kagome. Other times, the both of them had this great bond as companions fighting together. They respected each other's strengths, and Sango was always the first to help Inuyasha when he was caught in a tough predicament in battle.

    The two were usually together when Inuyasha and Kagome were having their fights. The two genuinely cared about each other, and Sango always ended up saving him when Inuyasha focused more on Kagome. When inside of the large jewel-like battlefield during Naraku and the group's final fight, she was willing to sacrifice Rin's life to destroy Naraku once and for all to save Miroku. Sango confessed to him then asked that he kill her only once Naraku was slain and Miroku was saved.

    Sango | Definition of Sango by Merriam-Webster

    Over the course of the series, he developed an attachment to Rin, Kohaku, Jaken, and even his brother though he would never admit it! Again, the growth of his character is subtle and develops over the course of the series. Seeing that Sango did what she did to save another knowing and accepting she would die for it gives him pause. He also saw her apologize sincerely to Rin, who, of course, has no idea what Sango apologized for. He still cannot admit regard for humans. Sign In Don't have an account?

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