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May 07, 2016 Latest News

By Trigild. By Press Office. By Four Seasons Candy. By Glass Onyonpr. By Wecutfoam. And summer is the time when business is done! Smart dealers are not content to wait until fall. Oil burners, furnace stokers, gas furnaces, water heaters and other utility devices of similar character can be installed most economically during the summer months. Skilled labor is available. Working days are not interrupted by bad weather or family demands on, the present water and fuel systems, etc. To meet this situation, the C. Summer Plan. Under this plan, the consumer pays no instalments until September or October.

Think what this means! The equipment is put in, tested, and proved ready to work before the first regular monthly payment is due. Starting in the fall, a convenient, easy -to- understand system of monthly payments takes care of the unpaid balance. The purchaser knows just what this accommodation is costing him. You, the dealer, get your money promptly.

The Truth About Land Trusts

Your profit is sure. Tactful Credit Investigations For nearly 30 years C. A system has developed which is as rapid as it is efficient, yet each investigator is trained to gather information with quiet good taste. The prospective purchaser of antoi,atu heat usually finds it advantageous to buy in August. A Dealer Advises Young Mothers! The following novel sales plan seems particularly well suited to regular users of direct mail: - Dealer B watches carefully the arrival of new heirs in the homes of his customers.

Then he sends a letter of congratulation to the mother, accompanied by an inexpensive keyhole type flashlight whose faint glow is ideally suited for her use in stealing a glance at the sleeping child. The dealer also encloses a list of things which other mothers have found very useful in filling the added responsibilities imposed on them: A new temperature-controlled refrigerator.

An ironing machine to make baby things smoother, dry them in bad weather. An electric dishwasher to save time. Automatic heating plant to keep the tern - perature uniform day and night. A room cooler for the summer months. A small electric room heater for special - time winter use. These are but a few of the appliances suggested.

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Naturally Dealer B recommends payment on the C. Budget Plan!


But sometimes they're in an awful rush. A man came into my office the other day who wanted a refrigerator in a big hurry. If it hadn't been for C. As it was, I made the sale, and a new friend as well. An old customer complained to me that several members of his family always wanted to listen to different programs. Along with his new console, bought through C. Most everyone will pay a dollar or two more a month for an "extra" radio -and a little family peace.

Fada Radio is the line that has everything! They offer the dealer "Stay Sold Performance" in every price range There are models to suit every buying desire Featured in 8 glorious color combinations.. Four separate pieces: Can be displayed as an entire unit or set up into four separate displays. Illuminated finished in Black, Ivory and Chromium. Available through Fada's liberal cooperative advertising program. This year Fada presents the most beautiful compact models in its history. Smartly proportioned, moderne in design and made from the finest selected Walnut, Maple and other choice woods.

This year Fada presents table models that set a new standard for beauty and performance. Featured with the sensational new exclusive Fada "Flash- o- matcc" Tuning system Made from the finest Walnuts and other choice woods they are the value leaders in their class. Consoles feature Automatic frequency control and other important Performance requisite,. It is the most accurate automatic tuner yet devised.

Tunes in the desired station instantaneously and accurately without variation once set at the desired stations. In Gold or Silver to match the color harmony of the cabinet. Now there's no place in America where you can miss seeing and hearing those six words! The big national magazines carry that message. Newspapers everywhere are doing their part. The same six words flash at you from the bill- boards. Boake Carter hammers them home three evenings a week on his coast -to-coast network.

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HONEY PICKLE DOCUMENT PDF Original - Free E-Book Download

Assorted retail surveys show that business will now begin to realize improvement ranging from 10 to 20 per cent over last year. Detailed figures reveal that the goods to receive the most attention are items for the home. Radio, with an awakened genius for promotion of its new lines, is therefore awarded a special promise.

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  4. Bumper crops, more employment to be had, higher wages and vigorous building activity are the factors responsible for the unusual condition. New promotion methods are being introduced, and new campaigns started. Sunday, Sept. The Zenith program, say its sponsors.