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Several private duck blinds have been erected in this area, but most duck hunters tend to simply anchor off their boats in the shallow water of the flats. Located on the northern end of the lake, is a free public boat launch with barbecue and picnic facilities, fishing pier and gazebo that may be found downtown near City Hall in New Roads , on Morrison Parkway. Another boat launch is open to the public for a launching fee and is located on the southern end of the lake in Jarreau.

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This launch, which is the most accessible when coming to the area from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is located on the Island side of False River on Louisiana Highway The lake can be seen in the film The Badge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We don't want to just drop the bottom out of it because it could turn over oxygen and perhaps harm fish.

That would be a big problem, since part of the reason for the drawdowns is to help bring back fish. It also hopefully one day will allow some grass and vegetation to grow back in the False River, which will improve the fisheries. Officials hope to have the False River at a maximum of six feet below pool stage to expose more of the lake's bottom to the sun.

In order to get the water level down by five feet, officials say they will have to keep the gates open until January.

False River drawdown begins; officials making up for 2017

False River drawdown begins; officials making up for By: Bess Casserleigh. Report a Typo. Firefighters respond to working house fire on Firefighters respond to working house fire on Seneca Street.

Martin, Iberia, St. Mary and St. New Roads was surrounded with water on three sides, and Morganza and Livonia were under water for weeks.

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Much of the evacuation of residents and bringing in of supplies were done by trains. The Great Mississippi Flood of was the most destructive river flood in the history of the United States, with the Mississippi River swelling to 80 miles in some areas.

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Part of the flood control projects enacted after was the Morganza Spillway. Construction of the levees that make up part of the Morganza Spillway began in the late s. The Morganza Control Structure portion of the project was completed in The Chefs of Cajun Aces Main Street in New Roads.