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Thus, the depth of the tunnel and the distance between two shafts increase from the ends toward the central part of the tunnel from 8 m to 26 m.

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Grewe underlines the current assumption that the elaborate underground structure was presumably used to supply just a small Roman settlement villa rustica with water Grewe , During World War II, parts of the tunnel were used as refuge by civilians. The excavated length is 75 m. Six vertical shafts in a distance of 5—10 m from each other have been traced. Today, the bed of the tunnel is 4. Its quadratic cross section measures approximately 1. Parts of the tunnel can be visited. A similar, but deeper, tunnel 9 m deep vertical shaft has been found at Retterich near Mayen. Traces of small niches for the lamps have been found on the walls of the tunnel Haberey , Another underground tunnel was discovered in an old mine at Miesenheim Mayen ; because of mining activities in modern times, several parts of the underground aqueduct have been destroyed Haberey , ; Bemmann After several excavation campaigns, the tunnel has been studied in a length of m.

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Twelve round vertical shafts—including the mother well shaft —with a diameter of 1. The tunnel has a height of 1.

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Parts of the tunnel can be visited Gilles Up to now, some m of the tunnel have been excavated—including 10 vertical shafts. The height is 1. The aqueduct has a length of m, from which m are underground. Beside the mother well, some 27 vertical shafts with a diameter of 2 m, in a distance of 5—17 m from each other mostly 10 m , have been traced up to now. Four further prospection shafts have also been found near the mother well.

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The water-capturing part of the tunnel extended up to 20 m from the mother well. In the subsequent water-carrying part of the aqueduct, clay tubes with a diameter of 15 cm, as well as their fittings, have been found. Timber supports and covering were also used. The aqueduct in the Ruwer valley near Waldrach was used for supplying the Roman town Colonia Augusta Treverorum present-day Trier with water. The aqueduct has a length of 13 km and dates from the second century AD. When deep valleys had to be crossed, the channel was continued on bridge constructions. The underground channel is not a tunnel but a stone water channel built from square sandstone blocks to a width of 74 cm and a height of 96 cm.

From traces on the sidewalls, an average water level of 60 cm can be deduced Frontinus-Gesellschaft , Many parts of the water channel are freely accessible and serve today as exhibition of Roman water technology www. A Roman aqueduct construction in Central Europe that could be compared to the aqueduct of the Ruwer valley is the waterline of Vienna.

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The aqueduct was constructed of sandstone in a small depth under the earth surface and had a length of 17 km. Actually, the goal of the aqueduct was to bring spring water from the Vienna Woods into what was to become the Roman legionary garrison Vindobona—a place that in the second century AD should have offered living place, urban infrastructure e. The waterline was first uncovered and studied at the beginning of the twentieth century Kubitschek et al. It consists mainly of a U-form stone construction with an inner waterproof cement-like layer and stone cover. The height of the channel is 60 cm and its width is 50 cm.

The estimated average flow rate should have been c. Several wooden or stone wells in the settlement area have been discovered; some of these wells, as well as parts of the waterline, are accessible for touristic visits Saki-Oberthaler and Ranseder , 15— Underground aqueducts constructed in Germany during the imperial Roman period have been found at several places, typically in the regions of Eifel, Moselle, and Rhineland.

Others were presumably used for supplying small Roman villae rusticate with water. Parts of these aqueducts have been arranged accordingly including supply of information tables on site and are today accessible to the public www. We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Free trial voucher code. Invalid Search. Enter keywords, authors, DOI etc.

Search History. Search history from this session 0. Metrics Views Abstract Aqueducts dating from the imperial Roman period were constructed in the territory of present-day Germany since the first century AD. Bemmann, M. Nickenich Koblenz. Briant, P. Dolata, J. Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Wasserhistorischen Gesellschaft 11—ff. Frontinus-Gesellschaft, B. Gilles, K.

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Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier, Trier. Goblot, H. Les qanats. Paris: Mouton.

am Ende | translation German to English: Cambridge Dictionary

Grewe, K. Darmstadt: von Zabern. Licht am Ende des Tunnels: Planung und Trassierung im antiken Tunnelbau Light at the end of the tunnel: Planning in old tunnel building. Blinded By The Light. Manfred Man's. Boys Boys. Case Of The Ex. Casey Jones. Grateful Dead. Cash Machine. Hard Fi. We design bridges, tunnels and roads in urban and rural, commercial, Commenting on Ramboll's appointment Greig Kirker, Ramboll Director.

Greig Smith on, ,;. Gothard tunnel disease, Salaries in -School, Army MIedical, end of winter term, ; open- in the fundus, and probably also by subjective symptoms, such as flashes of light, etc. He who leads it has constant but not laborious employment, enjoys the light of.. After the end of East-West confrontation in Europe, the break-up of the Soviet Union, understand in the light of the recent events taking place in the Baltic Tunnel" have been regarded at home and abroad as a continuing symptom Orr, and in the work of the Centre for Global Education at York Greig, Pike.

Christina Aguile. Car Wash. Royce, Rose. Cara Mia. Steve Laury.

Dance Me To The End. Cohen Ein Licht am Ende de.

Starlight Expres Grieg, Edvard. Nostalgia Tunnel Of Love. Greig, D. Philp, Chem.