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  3. Critics called Lars von Trier’s new movie “repulsive.” It’s being released twice.
  4. The House That Jack Built Review | Horror Movie Talk | Episode 19

This aspect of the work gives us to think about what are limits of art, even more, when dealing with controversial issues such as the killing of children and the mutilation of women.

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Beyond reproving or accepting theories such as art for art or that art does not need justification, I consider that the work, however fictional it may be, must be justified in the public the political field. Thus, it is not a question of judging von Trier about hyperviolent scenes, but of analyzing in which context the film was projected.

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Yes, in Cannes it generated controversy, but it is necessary to bear in mind that it is a Cannes in the era of metoo and politically correct that it has taken works from museums, or censored in some way, such as the pictures of Malthus girls in the Moma. Even so, that is not the disturbing reception, but that of an ordinary public in a country, say white Americans under the presidency of Trump, to give an example, to see the film and feel justified or empowered?

It is in this context that the screening of the film must be subject to moral judgment, not because of the images it presents, but because of the dangerous reactions it may generate. It is worth remembering that after the premiere of the Mechanical Orange, the cup of vandalism in England was considerably increased, so much so that Kubrick had to tell Warner Bros. Probably with 'The House that Jack Built' something similar does not happen, as much for its mocking tone as for the hyper-intellectualization with which it builds the character, but equally the film does not escape to put this debate on the table.

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Critics called Lars von Trier’s new movie “repulsive.” It’s being released twice.

Woke up to some terrible news today. The fact that this is going to have two separate cuts -- a "director's cut," AKA the actual film," and an "r-rated cut," AKA not the actual film -- is truly an abomination. There isn't a single sequence or moment which should be edited down.

The decades old saying crops up again, in this case: fuck censorship.

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  5. Let people watch the full film, for goodness' or badness' sake. This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth. The film, and by extension Lars, attempts to, argues for, the dark-light. The proximity of heaven to hell, violence to love, and violence as art.

    The House That Jack Built Review | Horror Movie Talk | Episode 19

    Not as a part…. His faces and impulses that poke through in scenes kept adding more layers to his crazy. The pace went along well and it never felt too slow or overly The last 20 minutes really worked for me, that was when I decided that I did in fact like the film. Log in or link your magazine subscription.

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