Read e-book Whats Wrong With The World: It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.

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To make Xbox Live a place where everyone can hang out, and to prevent people from feeling uncomfortable or unwelcome, we all need to be stewards. This means more than just not harassing other players—it means embracing them. It means saving those unsavory jokes for people you know will enjoy them. It means taking particular care for others while you play, keeping in mind how they might interpret your content. We get it—gaming can be competitive and interactions with other players can get heated. Trash talk includes any lighthearted banter or bragging that focuses on the game at hand and encourages healthy competition.

Know when to draw the line, when to back off. Know and respect the other player. Only reason you went positive was you spent all game camping. Try again, kid. Cheap win. Come at me when you can actually drive without running cars off the road. Get wrecked, trash. You suck. We aspire to a community where gaming can be enjoyed by all. Problematic content just gets in the way. People from all over the world play on Xbox Live, and we understand that people from different backgrounds have diverse perspectives about mature and adult topics.

But because Xbox Live must be friendly and accessible to everyone, this isn't the appropriate place for sexual content. Keep your posts and messages suitable for all audiences to help keep this a welcoming place for all.

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Sometimes something seemingly harmless can actually reference something inappropriate, when looked at a certain way. Fraud is any attempt to use deceit or misrepresentation for personal or financial gain.

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When players commit fraud against Xbox, it circumvents the processes that keep things fair for everyone, and ends up making games, add-ons, and subscriptions more expensive for everyone. This also applies to trying to make money on Xbox Live in unapproved ways, since doing so bypasses safeguards that exist to help keep everyone safe and financially secure.

Attempting to circumvent restrictions can affect both customer privacy and the integrity of Microsoft or partner services.

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When people cheat, use exploits, or otherwise tamper with hardware or software to gain a competitive advantage, it ruins the experience for everyone. Because of this, cheating, tampering, and the use of exploits is never acceptable on Xbox Live. Like, never. Pirating software is not a victimless crime—it robs game providers of revenue that funds games and add-ons that people want to play.

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Accessing or using content in inappropriate ways can contribute to fraud and spoil great experiences for other players, sapping the magic of Xbox Live. By using games and game content only in the ways intended, you help maintain a vibrant community for content creators and fellow players alike. These actions also inhibit the ability of Microsoft to provide the best possible services to customers around the world. Sometimes, helping others break rules is just as harmful as breaking rules yourself.

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Our priority is the safety and enjoyment of everyone on Xbox Live. Content and behavior that puts players at risk or makes them feel unwelcome has no place in the Xbox online community. So, sometimes we need to step in. We're not out to punish, but rather to protect everyone's experience. Every suspension or other corrective action aims only to show what was wrong and what can be learned from a situation.

When suspensions end, we welcome players back so they can contribute to Xbox Live in positive ways. We know people make mistakes, and we believe lapses in judgment can be significant opportunities for growth. When we suspend an Xbox profile, we restrict access to features that are most closely associated with the problematic behavior. Most commonly, this means a temporary suspension that removes one or more features for a period of time. Temporary suspensions can include:. Since Xbox Live content must be appropriate for all audiences, sometimes we remove content to protect our customers.

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Depending on the type of content violation, this can result in our restricting certain features for the profile that created or shared the content. We may permanently suspend a profile or device if we can no longer trust it due to a severe violation, or if our attempts to correct repeated negative behaviors are unsuccessful. No wonder so many Americans are enamored of the Dalai Lama. He laughs, often and well. Precious few of our religious leaders laugh. They shout. God is not an exclamation point, though. Religion and politics, though often spoken about in the same breath, are, of course, fundamentally different.

Politics is, by definition, a public activity. Though religion contains large public components, it is at core a personal affair.

Whats Wrong With The World by GK Chesterton - Book - Read Online

What is the solution? The answer, I think, lies in the sort of entrepreneurial spirit that has long defined America, including religious America. We need a Steve Jobs of religion. Someone or ones who can invent not a new religion but, rather, a new way of being religious. Like Mr. Most important, it would be highly interactive. I imagine a religious space that celebrates doubt, encourages experimentation and allows one to utter the word God without embarrassment. A religious operating system for the Nones among us.

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