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Even at that time in late , I quickly came to feeling that it was altogether a bit 'off' that I had so-called 'guides' at all - apart from my having my awareness so ungrounded by then that I just meekly accepted that "this is the way that it appears to be", seeing that the 'healing' and psychic 'fraternity' almost universally believed that we did have such guides, and that they were beneficial and we supposedly needed to follow their guidance. Another, related, point worth making here is that it was to strike me repeatedly that there was another, and very fundamental, thing that didn't 'add up'.

As you can imagine, I was constantly feeling disturbed and intimidated by the various supposed beings - especially the 'astral beings' - being clearly able to listen-in to all my thoughts, as was evident from all the unwanted 'no' flashes that I was soon to be getting in response to many thoughts of mine. This seemed to be indicating that I was in a devilishly hopeless situation, in which any thinking I'd do about means to get clear of all that interference and the attacks would simply inform the interfering 'beings' of any intentions and plans that I might try to develop, so that they could outwit me at every turn, preventing me from taking any effective measures against their interferences.

If they were like any even half-intelligent human they could surely have done so! They'd often give 'no' flashes in response, yes, but it became clear over time that such responses were automatic and aimed at demoralizing and intimidating me. What they seemed unable to do beyond that was actually to counter my independent thinking and any choices or plans that I made or actions I took in order to improve my situation.

The most they could ever do beyond that was to attack me to try to turn me away from some choices, but there were other choices of mine that they surely would know to stop me acting upon, which I followed up with impunity. That eventually turned out to be a key observation, which was to support really nicely the new notion that I provisionally took on in April , that none of those manifestations was any sort of real conscious being at all, and instead they were all just illusory manifestations created in my mindspace by an underlying influence that itself was not a conscious being but just a complex of programming in 'thought energy', like a computer virus.

No wonder even supposed 'archangels' were so shallow and 'cardboard cut-out'! My trials and tribulations went a lot further than just having the garbage giving me troublesomely unreliable 'information' and 'guidance' from purportedly higher sources and sometimes giving me whole fictional scenarios that in themselves, as already noted, got me into some bizarre and disruptive situations. However, one saving grace was that I quickly learnt to keep switched out of the 'voice channel' as far as possible, and only to use visual communications from what I was still taking to being 'higher beings'.

The garbage was actually still able to intrude 'thought voices' upon me - i. It thus came as something of a shock to my system that in late , when I eventually got hospitalized , the psychiatric doctors regarded me as ' hearing voices ' and thus as being mentally disordered.

Astral Spirits: Lifting the Spirit of Jazz

The truth was that, very healthily and with considerable clarity, I'd been preventing myself from getting into 'hearing voices' - at least, in any overt way. I just accepted the garbage's deceitful 'Party line', that I had a huge load of very major emotional traumas, accumulated over a monumentally huge number of incarnations of my own. I now clearly understand this to be rubbish, and it appears that I had almost nothing of my own. Yes, I could be said to have been carrying those traumas, but only because, in part, they belonged to parasitic lost souls that the garbage had attached to me in my first year or two of my life, and, in greater part, they came through active connections that I was carrying, to a whole range of primary archetypes.

Allegedly the trauma came about when, in an emotionally desperate and exhausted state, that much earlier incarnation of mine had lain down with the intention of dying and his 'higher consciousness' had cut all his relationship chakra cords - an act that killed him, and most excruciatingly so.

My inspired guess is that this fiction would have been drawn from the immense astral repository of 'story' spewed by one or more of the primary archetypes to which I had active connections. If my current understanding, supported by my inner inquiry, is correct, as a no-soul person I'd have been actually carrying no traumas nor memories from previous lifetimes of my own, as, it appears, there were not any previous sequential, karmic lifetimes of my own!

However, what fiction that channelled story was! I've now got quite convincing pointers from my own intuitions, supported by my inner inquiry, to the true nature of that trauma having been related to BIRTH trauma! However, it was much more virulent than an actual normal birth trauma, because it was NOT a memory of a specific birth trauma at all but one of the primary archetypes. That would have enormously increased its intensity and devastating feel, distorting every feature in ways that would make them maximally troublesome for anyone experiencing it.

In the course of some inner inquiry on this in , my own deeper aspects actually gave me a brief completely non-traumatic re-run of what looked to be my own genuine birth trauma experience for the sake of comparison, and, while undoubtedly as a baby I'd have been quite distraught, that experience had nothing like the hellish awfulness of the much later attacks that were using 'birth trauma' primary archetype as their source material.

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I've now come to understand that the 'birth trauma' attacks were being given to me for a particularly sinister reason, which became half apparent during my October ordeals. I'm sure that that channelled lie about the night terrors trauma was given to me also to get me monumentally emotionally screwed up at the supposed magnitude and severity of my self-healing task - to the point that I'd effectively be wrecked and thus no longer be any sort of 'thorn in the side' for the garbage through promoting genuine and truly effective self-actualization and emotional clearance methods.

Despite the severity and bizarre nature of the late ordeals, the worst time for me was really in January to mid-April Because at that time I didn't realize at all that 'lower beings' i. However, even then I was a little suspicious that it was not real angels at all but a simulation, and my feelings were being manipulated up and down, with little or no true healing occurring in those 'healings' - as I'm nowadays sure would have been the case.

What Is Astral Projection?

The manipulations occasionally included extremely powerful sexual arousals, which made the situation all the more confusing and disorientating. I found it difficult really to believe that angels would be party in such a way to these diabolical goings-on - but nowadays, now that I understand the true nature of so-called angels i. That practice was made particularly intimidating because that distorted birth trauma attack was being made out to be a very gentle version of the actually fictional 'disconnection' trauma, and I was being constantly reminded that at my point of climax in one of those solo sexual acts I'd be given the 'Great Crunch' of sudden and full exposure to the purported original disconnection experience, which would, it was alleged, be excruciatingly painful, and I'd be screaming and writhing in agony, and neighbours would all come rushing in, and neither they nor the emergency medical services would have a clue what to do about it It succeeded, however, in getting me no more than a bit nervous, because deep within, throughout all such ordeals, I had a sense that everything was really all right for me, and no real harm would come to me.

At the time I couldn't understand why, but while I was being 'guided' through that gruelling practice I was being almost constantly assailed by whiffs of a disturbing rather sweetish smell that I immediately felt was associated with 'dark' witchcraft, and kept getting an impression of there being a 'dark' witchcraft altar on the door side of my bedroom where I was going through that exhausting practice. What I understand now is that practitioners would generally carry out that practice as a sort of ritual in front of their altar presumably to Lucifer.

Also, as already noted, as far as I can tell, the alleged past lives of mine were nothing of the sort - almost certainly all 'story' drawn from the massive astral repository of 'story' and legends all spewed out from the primary archetypes to which I was connected.

However, the inner voice i. All this then led into a full-blooded sustained and increasingly severe attack from what was then claimed to be 'astral beings', in the guise of a supposedly lethal curse upon me, which led, after five gruelling days and nights with no sleep at all, to my first hospitalization. Indeed, nowadays I understand them simply to be particular versions of hell scenarios that particular individuals have channelled - i.

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At various times I was directed and sometimes very strongly pressured into a variety of reckless and potentially or actually destructive acts, which included deleting my whole website I restored it soon after, though that was delayed by my first hospitalization and putting onto my website some very challenging information about alleged past lives of myself and certain other people, which, quite apart from its actually being plain fiction, was inappropriate to have been put in the public domain, and which undoubtedly would have convinced many people that I had 'an enormous ego' and was even overtly 'mentally deranged'.

At least I did rebel in the nick of time against a move in late to get me to formally change my name to Melchior Elias. That would have been a quite inappropriate and troublesome move.


That latter past-life identity did appear sort-of convincing because of the way I'd always been very strongly emotionally affected by the biblical story of Simon Peter's three denials of Jesus, and would indeed often cry really intensely over that story - but of course there could have been all manner of other explanations for the story having that effect on me, so actually that effect really didn't reveal anything of past life specifics at all. The latter claim indeed is a nice example of how the misinformation that the garbage gives to people is generally, if not always, at least tenuously based on actual physical fact.

In this case it looks as though that particular claim was based on the garbage having 'noticed' an awareness in my deepest aspects, that I had a particular life task and life direction for doing precisely the sort of thing that I'm doing now - that is, unmasking the whole 'spirituality' and New Age pantomime and pointing out the real way forward for us instead of the 'healing' and 'spiritual' traditions.

So, it could indeed be said that I'm "sorting out much of the current confusion and divergences that had arisen within the worldwide Reiki 'tradition'" - but not at all in the way that SS, or indeed I at that time, had been expecting! I was never convinced by that story, and indeed not only did the dates of his life clash with those of Jehan Alain, but they greatly overlapped with my own life, as he died in - though such inconsistent and indeed bogus scenarios that come up in 'readings' are typically fudged by healers and psychics, by claiming that reincarnation isn't really sequential after all!

It's true that there have been various things in my life and inner experience that point to possible connections with certain of these earlier personalities, but nowadays it makes a lot more sense of my overall life situation to regard those impressions all as having come from just possibly in some cases previous lifetimes of parasitic lost souls attached to me, and, generally most likely, from the massive astral repository of 'story' and legend spewed out from the primary archetypes to which I was connected.

Indeed, if the garbage was not causing so much trouble with its convoluted yarns I'd take my sun hat off to it for its apparent inventiveness! The garbage even at times made out to be Archangel Michael.


Sometimes I got an impression of some sort of presence 'of the Light' appear and even indicate that, yes, it could and would clear the 'astral beings' from my system, but the latter simply never happened - though initially I was given an impression of it happening and then the 'astral beings' coming straight back in and being as troublesome as ever.

So, you will understand, then, that when you call 'Archangel Michael' to fix some trouble from 'astral beings', you're simply asking the garbage to assist you in clearing its interferences from you - not a recipe for true success on that score! A virtually identical thing happens when somebody gets a seemingly miraculous cessation of garbage or 'demonic' interferences upon 'opening to Jesus' or otherwise taking on some particular religion.

NO such people are ever truly 'saved' by such means, except for being 'saved' from self-actualization and from gaining the ultimate freedom and happiness! So, when you bear that in mind, religious slogans such as "Jesus saves! Sometime in late my 'guidance' probably when it was claiming to be the guide Orin made it known to me that I was right then to start to take on my new role as head of some top-level Council of representatives from civilizations throughout the Universe I don't remember its name - and it would all be all right, because I'd take part in their meetings telepathically.

I had considerable misgivings about this, while at the same time wishing of the best for everyone and being sort-of happy to have that role if it was genuinely going to achieve really positive things, and of course, if I really was the best person for the role - which I was considerably doubtful about after all, I had little knowledge and no practical experience of governance here on Earth, let alone further afield! So, how about this, then, for the first meeting of this 'Council' with me?!

As soon as I was sitting on the bog or 'WC' if you want to be prissy-polite about it! My 'guidance' indicated that this was our first meeting, and that it would all be silent, but this meeting was simply for a process of getting to know each other. I felt greatly embarrassed at my not knowing at all what to do or how to conduct myself with these supposed top-level representatives, and then after a few minutes a little query from me to my guidance got an indication that the meeting was actually over and it was okay then for me to thank and dismiss the members and then get on with getting my evening meal - and, yes, I was still grounded enough to remember to 'wipe myself', get up off the bog and wash my hands before returning to the kitchen!

Subsequent meetings happened in just the same way - the Council members always arriving unbidden when I was sitting on the bog - nowhere else! However, fortunately this nonsense dropped after just a very few weeks, and I was thus considerably relieved, i. To be honest, even right from the start I had doubts as to whether these inner apparitions really were anything objectively real, for they seemed just too stylized, and really this whole thing of their apparent anonymity and absurdly always arriving when I was on the bog, and my pretty obviously simply not having requisite experience for working in such a Council regardless of my undoubted good intentions for everyone, just didn't 'add up', and, even at that stage, was fitting well into a pattern that I was already getting aware of, of various stylized images being given to me as part of particular trickery schemes.

One prominent part of the garbage agenda for me, especially during late and early , was seeking to convince me that I was known to all higher beings as King of the All the Realms i. This was supposedly going to come about during a dramatic transition of Humanity over about a decade into a much more enlightened mode of living.

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Okay, I have no categorical proof that I hadn't been him if indeed he'd ever physically existed , but what was problematical was the consistent attempts to convince me that not only had I been Gilgamesh but this was very important now, allegedly some 4, years later. In my case I was given an elaborate 'historical' account of aspects of my purported life as Gilgamesh.

Allegedly I as Gilgamesh had had a whole succession of male lovers, the most noteworthy of whom were Enkidu and Caliphan. According to the story I was given, Enkidu didn't fall sick and die as in the well known legend embodied in the 'epic poem' known as The Epic of Gilgamesh, nor was there any battle between Gilgamesh and Enkidu before they became 'companions', but instead Enkidu committed suicide when he got to know that Gilgamesh had started 'getting off' with Caliphan.

There had also subsequently been the odd violent deaths in the royal court, caused by rivalries among Gilgamesh's various generally male suitors. Much later on, I think probably in , I got an intriguing new take on this in a detailed, as-if first-hand account of my purported life as the young Gilgamesh from before his coming of age - which account had been channelled or obtained clairvoyantly by an actually very dangerous young man who I shall just call JD, in Michigan.

He was insistent to me that he himself had been a trapper who had been my actual first male lover when I was purportedly Gilgamesh, and he gave a long and detailed graphic account of the occasion when, out in the wilds, he performed his official duty in taking me through my 'rites of passage'. As a sort of culmination of these 'rites', the two of us purportedly, having killed a beast, liberally covered ourselves head-to-foot being fully naked with blood from that beast and then immediately, in our triumphantly bloody state, had an erotic orgy together - which was not at all a scheduled part of the proceedings!