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Do you have any recommendations for where to purchase materials or know of any good starter setups? Thank you! Check out the next piece in this series on equipment and safety. There are tips for finding what you need there — there are links in this piece to redirect you to it. I ran across your site from Pinterest. I have 2 daughters, 3 and 7. Are there any ways to make soap naturally that are safe to let the three year old do as well?

8 ways to use honey to pamper your skin and hair | TreeHugger

I make candles and cant let her join due to having to boil water and how hot the melted wax gets. My kids love soap. Should I stick with kits or are there home made ways to let my 3 year old join in without worrying about her burning herself?

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As for soap making, your outlook in getting your kids involved will set the tone. I was sewing, using knives, and up to all sorts by age 5 but was taught to handle everything with respect. I really love the properties of coconut oil and the scent of coconut. Could you recommend a recipe for a coconut soap? I have tried myself soap making, although i was successful in making good and hard soap bars but not foaming and no smell i used Caustic soda, distilled water, single vegetable oil, and lemon, sugar, salt as additives,Can you help with those problem?

I need some good advices Thanks in advance!!!

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There are a lot of factors that go into creating a recipe that you might not have learned yet. Thanks in advance!!! I have a weird attraction of soap fragrances and textures. Wish I could start making my own herbal soaps. I have bookmarked your post.

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I am SO happy to have found your page! Your posts, blogs are very informational and you truly explain things so well. My question is about coconut milk, or any plant based milk. Powder or liquid? How would either be used? I feel like you probable already answered this question so I feel bad asking it again! I really really would like to add coconut milk to my soaps. Any information is appreciated! Hi, I love your soaps! So beautiful and perfect. May I ask which mold you use as your soaps are soooo perfect, love them. I am looking for a melt and pour recipe using Tallow and other essential oils for scent and therapeutic values…do you have any suggestions?

Hello, I am new to soapmaking and I am enjoying your page.

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Learning a lot. So anxious to make my first soap! Question about coconut oil. We buy organic, virgin, cold pressed unrefined for cooking. OR do we need the same one we eat. Also, I bought some wonderful lavender soap that had some type of needles or plant things in it, so it is a little exfoliate.

Thoughts on what to use? I am also wondering about the sodium lactate. I saw some on Amazon that appears to be a powder. How would that be used.. Thank you for the awesome resources! Hi Roseann! As for the lavender soap, it might have had rosemary pieces in it? I love homemade soap and have been looking for good detailed site to use. Thank you for this post! Hi Tanya. I am fro Ukraine. Thank you for your site it really is, as inspiration and edification.

I care about the issue if you use natural ingredients such as spices, carrot juice, beet, turmeric powder and other substances not be painted with soap if their detergent power, namely, the color of the foam or whether they painted hands and face after washing. Thank you. I really want to do this. Making my own I would like to use tree oil and aloe vera as I have a lot of this in the house. Using a melt-and-pour base might be an ideal solution for you. All you have to do is melt the pre-made soap and then add the essential oil and aloe vera gel.

I tried making the honey and oats soap recipe of yours. There was a problem though. Because of the monsoon season and lots of rain this year my soap doesnt harden even after 48 hrs in the mold. And also it sweats. Please give sme solution. Hi Arefa — even with Monsoon weather your soap should have hardened. I really appreciate your article. Its was really complete and knowledgeable.

The Best Spa Secrets to Steal for Your Home

I learn a lot and i took notes… It is about two weeks that I am searching for a reliable source for my questions about soaping and ingredients and finally your site was the best fully encouraged one. Thanks a bunch dear. SLSA is not available here. I would like to keep the ingredients as natural as possible but soap bombs are more popular for the effects. Thanks in advance. Thank you for the lecture. I love making soap but I want to really study about soap making before venturing. Please is their any materials you can recommend I read.

Great post, thank you for sharing this great tip, I am very grateful to have clarified all my doubts and it was of great help for me to continue to move in my learning process. Hallo Tanya. I leave in south Africa. I would really appreciate if you can help me with a soap recipe please. Hi Tanya, I have really found your articles very useful and simple to understand. However, I am having difficulty finding lye in the UK, is there a specific website you can please direct me to apart from the US site?

Hi Abbey! You can get it here on Amazon. Hi, I am interested to learn, how to make soap, can you help me with the list of all the ingredients that matters in making soap, then the quantity as a first beginner please. I found this information on pinInterest and it is very useful. Im a beginner to soapmaking and the information your presented on oils, additives and curing is encouraging. Thanks again and I look forward to your newsletters. About the scent fixers, did you tried all that you listed? Which ones work best? Do you use more than one together?

I make a lot of floral essential oil soaps though and the scent works well with them. I read great things about kaolin clay. Did you use it? How does it compare with Orris Root Powder? How much do you use it of Orris? Thank a lot again! The rule for usage is 1 Tablespoon of Kaolin per pound g of oil. Thank you all the information you released about Soap making, am a new starter in soap making, this information will help alot.