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Chile National Day 12222

Moreover, the star was also straight rather than tilted. As a reference, this is a war between the Mapuches and the Spanish that endured for hundreds of years.

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The contemporary flag of Chile consists of two identical horizontal bands of white and red, with a blue square the same height as the white band in the canton , that has a tiny white five-pointed star right in the center. It is thought that the blue colour symbolizes the Pacific Ocean; white represents the snow-covered Andes mountains, and the red colour signifies all the blood spilled during the fight against Spain to achieve independence.

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The white colour naturally brings a positive sense. Further, it symbolizes faith, new beginnings, protection, spirituality, possibility, and understanding. Recently, people have been speaking a lot about the undeniable similarity between the flags of Texas and Chile.

History of the Chilean flag

To start with, the key difference comes from the blue vertical strip that, on the Texas flag prolongs from the top to the bottom of the flag. The final national flag of the Republic of Texas came 20 years later, formally adopted on January 24, The Chileans are pretty strict when it comes to paying tribute to the people who brought the long-awaited independence.

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Thus, insulting the flag is considered as one of the most serious crimes in the country. For instance, there is a governmental law that demands the nation to wave La Bandera de Chile in their homes and work on every national holiday.

Latin America’s Protests Are Likely to Fail

This national celebration is called Navy day or Army day. Independence day of chile background design. Chile flag made of metallic brush paint on grunge dark wall natanaelginting 2.

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Vector flat seamless texture pattern chile naughtynut Waving flag of chile banner grebeshkovmaxim 4. Chile flag hanging on brick wall user 3. Chile flag made of glitter sparkle brush paint natanaelginting 4. Map of chile aranjuezmedina. Easter island icons set, outline style yliv 2.

Chilean Flag Vectors, Photos & PSD

Chile cartoon icons set sudowoodo 1. Chilean flag map daboost. Chile national fabric flag, symbol of international world south america country. Love chile heart flag icon daboost. Businessman holding card of chile flag natanaelginting. Finger print biometric scanning identification system.

10 Best Chilean Flag images in | Chile flag, Chilean flag, Flags

Facade of the la moneda palace, santiago, santiago metropolitan region, chile ingram. Happy chile independence day ibrandify 4k Chile independence day design ibrandify 4k Chile flat horizontal banners macrovector 1k Chile infographics layout with map macrovector 2k Chile illustration brgfx 6k Toristic chili 4 isometric icons set macrovector Flag of chile www.

Travel sticker collection freepik 2k Hands waving flags of chile rawpixel. Chile flag wrinkled on dark background 3d render natanaelginting 1k