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  1. Uncovering the artistry behind the legendary French house's iconic panther.
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Uncovering the artistry behind the legendary French house's iconic panther.

From M. The Cartier Tank watch also pays tribute to Meghan's late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, who was a longtime fan of the iconic design. The iconic Cartier Tank watch was invented in by Louis Cartier. The design has stood the test of time, and Cartier released a new collection of Tank watches last year in honor of the Tank's th anniversary. Meghan's touching tribute to her future daughter is yet another hint that the royal is eager to become a mother.

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Both Harry and Meghan have revealed their desire to have kids in the past. But don't count on the royals having a big family: just last month, Harry joked to a well-wisher in Ireland that five children was "too many.

Cartier - Tank Francaise Watch - The Style Chronicles

Harry and Meghan have been laying low since they celebrated Meghan's birthday at the wedding of Harry's close friend, Charlie Van Straubenzee, in early August. Production of the Cartier Tank Normale was reasonably limited. These days, vintage models — especially in platinum or white gold — are difficult to come by and always command a premium at auction. Needless to say, they are highly coveted by collectors.

Hublot - Swiss Luxury Watches & Chronographs for Men and Women

While the Cartier Tank Normale introduced the style, it was arguably the Tank Louis Cartier that truly put the watch on the map. Slightly larger than the Cartier Tank Normale, with smoother lines and a more masculine feel, it has been the choice of influential figures throughout history. American painter, Pop art figurehead, and legend of the New York scene Andy Warhol was often photographed wearing his, although he reportedly never wound it.

Unveiled in , it is so named for its elongated, slightly curved case, ensuring a tapered fit on the wrist.

Discover the world of Cartier watches online.

Fundamentally it was still comprised of the same four lines with two parallel shafts on either side, but it had its own distinct personality on the wrist and often featured Breguet hands. Launched in the early s during the quartz crisis in the Swiss watch industry, it looked very much like an LC Tank but with some notable differences: the watches were offered in vermeil coated Sterling silver cases instead of 18k gold and were powered by quartz or cheap ETA mechanical movements.

Likewise, the dial was offered in lots of different colors, while the Roman numerals and railway track minute counter were noticeably absent. While not considered in the same league as other Cartier Tank models, the Must performed extremely well in terms of sales and introduced Cartier to a broader audience.

SIHH Trend Report: Flourish and femininity with women's watches

In the 90s, the large Cartier Tank Americaine with the mechanical MC movement made its global debut. Considered a large watch at the time 44 x The basis of its appeal is its elegant chain-link bracelet, which evokes tank treads, albeit in a somewhat more delicate manner.

The material actually is a throwback to the s, Mr.

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Rainero said, when Cartier was offering watches that married design and convenience as lifestyles were changing. And looking into its next century, Ms. Of all the watches that the vintage dealer has loved, acquired and sold during his 47 years in business, the one he has kept is an original Tank once owned by the British actor Laurence Harvey. Log In. The Tank always has been the stuff of legend.