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The Jersey cricket team competed in the World Division 4, held in Tanzania in October , after recently finishing as runners-up and therefore being promoted from the World Division 5 held in Jersey. They also competed in the European Division 2, held in Guernsey during August The youth cricket teams have been promoted to play in the European Division 1 alongside Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Guernsey.

In two tournaments at this level Jersey have finished 6th. Ouen next to the ruins of Grosnez Castle. The Jersey Football Association supervises football in Jersey. The Jersey Football Combination has nine teams in its top division. Jersey national football team plays in the annual Muratti competition among others.

Jersey Reds compete in the English rugby union system ; [] after four promotions in five seasons, the last three of which were consecutive, they competed in the second-level RFU Championship in — Jersey has two public indoor swimming pools. Swimming in the sea, windsurfing and other marine sports are practised.

A round-island swim is a major challenge that a select number of swimmers have achieved. There is one facility for extreme sports and some facilities for youth sports.

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Jersey has one un-roofed skateboarding park. Coastal cliffs provide opportunities for rock climbing. Two professional golfers from Jersey have won the Open Championship seven times between them; Harry Vardon won six times and Ted Ray won once. Vardon and Ray also won the U. Open once each.

Harry Vardon's brother, Tom Vardon , had wins on various European tours. An independent body that promotes sports in Jersey and support clubs, 'Jersey Sport' was launched in []. Wace , a Norman poet of the 12th century, is Jersey's earliest known author. Frederick Tennyson and Gerald Durrell were among authors who made Jersey their home. Contemporary authors based in Jersey include Jack Higgins. The Government of Jersey provides education through state schools including a fee-paying option at secondary level and also supports private schools. The Jersey curriculum follows that of England.

Jersey has a college of further education and university centre, Highlands College. As well as offering part-time and evening courses, Highlands is also a sixth form provider, working alongside Hautlieu School which offers the only non-fee-paying sixth form, and works collaboratively with a range of organisations including the Open University , University of Plymouth and London South Bank University.

Discover a story you will never forget.

In particular students can study at Highlands for the two-year foundation degree in financial services and for a BSc in social sciences, both validated by the University of Plymouth. The Institute of Law is Jersey's law school , providing a course for students seeking to qualify as Jersey advocates and solicitors. Private sector higher education providers include the Jersey International Business School.

Jersey is the home of the Jersey Zoo formerly known as the Durrell Wildlife Park [] founded by the naturalist, zookeeper and author Gerald Durrell. Four species of small mammal are considered native: [] the wood mouse Apodemus sylvaticus , the Jersey bank vole Myodes glareolus caesarius , the Lesser white-toothed shrew Crocidura suaveolens and the French shrew Sorex coronatus. Three wild mammals are well-established introductions: the rabbit introduced in the mediaeval period , the red squirrel and the hedgehog both introduced in the 19th century.

The stoat Mustela erminea became extinct in Jersey between and The Green lizard Lacerta bilineata is a protected species of reptile; Jersey is its only habitat in the British Isles. The red-billed chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax became extinct in Jersey around , when changes in farming and grazing practices led to a decline in the coastal slope habitat required by this species.

Personal – Jersey

Birds on the Edge, a project between the Government of Jersey, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Jersey National Trust, is working to restore Jersey's coastal habitats and reinstate the red-billed chough and other bird species to the island []. Jersey is the only place in the British Isles where the agile frog Rana dalmatina is found.

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The species is the subject of an ongoing programme to save it from extinction in Jersey via a collaboration between the Government of Jersey, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Jersey Amphibian and Reptile Group JARG , with support and sponsorship from several other organisations. The programme includes captive breeding and release, public awareness and habitat restoration activities.

Trees generally considered native are the alder Alnus glutinosa , silver birch Betula pendula , sweet chestnut Castanea sativa , hazel Corylus avellana , hawthorn Crataegus monogyna , beech Fagus sylvatica , ash Fraxinus excelsior , aspen Populus tremula , wild cherry Prunus avium , blackthorn Prunus spinosa , holm oak Quercus ilex , oak Quercus robur , sallow Salix cinerea , elder Sambucus nigra , elm Ulmus spp. Among notable introduced species, the cabbage palm Cordyline australis has been planted in coastal areas and may be seen in many gardens. Notable marine species [] include the ormer , conger , bass, undulate ray , grey mullet , ballan wrasse and garfish.

Marine mammals include the bottlenosed dolphin [] and grey seal. Historically the island has given its name to a variety of overly-large cabbage, the Jersey cabbage , also known as Jersey kale or cow cabbage. Japanese Knotweed Fallopia japonica is an invasive species that threatens Jersey's biodiversity.

The first lifeboat was equipped, funded by the States, in The RNLI established a lifeboat station in Jersey has adopted the emergency number alongside its existing emergency number.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Jersey disambiguation. British Crown Dependency. Crown dependency in United Kingdom. Crown dependency. Coat of arms. Main article: Name of Jersey. Main article: History of Jersey. Main article: Politics of Jersey. Main article: Law of Jersey. Main article: Parishes of Jersey.

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Main article: External relations of Jersey. See also: Special member state territories and the European Union. See also: Devolution in the United Kingdom and European microstates. Main article: Geography of Jersey. Main article: Economy of Jersey. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Angelina Pivarnick marries Chris Larangeira with castmates from MTV's Jersey Shore in attendance

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