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Available as a bilingual eBook with text in Mandarin and English, this edition is a must-read for lovers of international literature, Chinese speakers learning English, and English speakers learning Mandarin. Known as a humble poet of discrete sensibilities, he has earned widespread recognition in his home country. Beijing Literature included his poetry on their list of the best contemporary Chinese writing in He lives in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. She received her PhD in English literature from Peking University in and was a Fulbright visiting student in the English department of Yale University from to Her research interest includes British Romanticism and contemporary poetry.

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She writes of it in a way that is both utterly complex yet refreshingly simple. Somehow while I was reading, each poem opened up a slew of my own memories for me to reflect and analyze.

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The poems range in theme and style, from from short single stanzas to longer laments, about love, heartbreak, memories, dreams, and so much more. Many of my favorites and the most impactful poems for me lie at the beginning of the collection. I loved feeling that I could completely connect with the speaker.

In all honesty, the poems that resonate the most with me are the simple ones. The bluntness of them astounds me. But I think the reason that I love them so much is how though provoking a small statement can be. How a poem a mere six lines long can open up so many doors for contemplation is what astounds me most.

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  • A million memories reappear with a tiny saying, while sometimes longer poems can leave me confused and disinterested. It packs a punch and left me thinking. But I could have had other reasons. I looked back mourning my silver bowl. Carelessly, while tying my sandal strap. From the disobedience of the meek. Checking for pursuers.

    Into the Shadows: A Collection of Darkly Beautiful Poems

    Struck by the silence, hoping God had changed his mind…. Before dawn, trembling in air down to the old river, circulating gently as a new season delicate still in its softness, rustling raiment of hopes never stitched tightly enough to any hour. I was almost, maybe, just about, going to do that. We loved like we fought, slugging our way toward each other, sending up flares to announce our advance.

    Now I ask you: how will we manage without the steadiness of our long unhappiness? Which childhood?

    25 Dark Poems for When You Want to Explore the Shadows | Book Riot

    The one in which you learned to be afraid of the boarded-up well in the backyard and the ladder to the attic? The one presided over by armed men in ill-fitting uniforms strolling the streets and alleys, while loudspeakers declared a new era, and the house around you grew bigger, the rooms farther apart, with more and more people missing?

    Just Smile - A collection of poems by Finley - Shadows and Dreams

    The photographs whispered to each other from their frames in the hallway. The cooking pots said your name each time you walked past the kitchen. And you pretended to be dead with your sister in games of rescue and abandonment. You learned to lie still so long the world seemed a play you viewed from the muffled safety of a wing.

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