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The opposite is a dead room, from which noone can reach the break. Long diagonal. The first proposition and second opposition teams. So called because they are diagonally facing each other and speak a long time apart as opposed to the short diagonal of first opp and second prop who speak immediately after one another. Typically used in relation to judging and results and in reference to who came 1st and 2nd Eg. Long Prep.

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When debaters are informed of a motion hours or days before they will debate. Contrast to the more common 'short prep' were debaters are told the motion 15 minutes or a similar time before speaking. Low impact. A point is deemed 'low impact' if the debate has been conceived largely in practical terms and in the view of the judges the practical effect of the point in question is very limited the harm or benefit is limited either to a small number of cases, or to a negligible degree compared with the status quo.

Propping a "low-impact" mechanism is generally considered bad form. Large heavy metal club traditionally symbolising the authority of the speaker in a parliamentary system.

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Also a series of competitions run by the ESU. Also occasionally used to referred to 1st Proposition's ability to set the terms of a debate. What some people call 'style' for some reason, probably to do with the fact 'manner' seems like it might be broader and include all sorts of strange things which might influence persuasiveness like gestures. Masking Effect. Information relevant to debating. Matter File.

A file containing information relevant to debating, used by teams to assist them in preparing a case. See also, "Case file. Matter Prep. Learning information specifically for the purposes of using it in debates. The way in which the proposition intends to implement any policy they are arguing for. Depending on the motion it may involve a discussion of various organisations and actors involved, what they would do, why they would do it and how you intend to ensure they will do it competently.

How to Debate: Debating Glossary

For example in the debate "This House would bring back the death penalty" the proposition would likely explain which crimes would be eligible for the death penalty and possibly other details. When the mechanism offered by the proposition is oddly convoluted and appears to have been chosen specifically to remove from the clash as much of the possible opposition line as possible.

This is a form of squirreling but is done by meching- rather than defining the debate unfairly. There is obviously a fine line between a good, tight prop mechanism and one which is so tight it makes the debate impossible and as such the mechanism would have to be absurdly convoluted for the government to get called on this. Member of government. The first speaker of the Closing Government team. Member of opposition. The first speaker of the Closing Opposition team. In the debate - When a team raises an issue about another teams case wherein they challenge the reasonableness of a definition, the legitimacy of a point being made given the constraints of debating or accuse another team of cheating they will said to be 'meta-debating'.

Meta-debating is usually frowned upon but is sometimes advisable e. Can also refer to informal discussions between debaters e. The definition and the mechanism are referred to collectively as "the model". Moral hazard. A piece of economic jargon, generally indicating that the proposal has the effect of incentivising financial irresponsibility. The 'Northern and Midlands Debating Alliance'. A group of university debating societies in the north and midlands of England which cooperate in running an annual novice tournament and mutually attending IVs.

Means a story.

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Often used by debaters when they don't have other arguments. Hence "changing the narrative" about a particular issue means "people will talk about it in a different way", which is usually difficult to prove. People do often perceive events through the prism of a particular narrative with heroes, villains, simplistic causes etc.

British Parliamentary Debate Example - WADL 2017

Well documented to be more important than food. When a proposition's definition of the debate is felt to restrict it to a limited set of arguments it is accused of being 'narrow'. Assuming it has not done so by means e. It may however elicit sympathy from judges who also don't want to hear eight speeches on a very limited set of issues. When two antithetical claims are made by opposing sides in the debate which the constraints of the debating format do not allow a useful means of adjudicating between them, they will sometimes be labelled as 'non-comparative' esp.

Another way of saying a particular dispute in a debate round is a wash between the two teams as there is no way to decide which team's position is superior without relying e. Pertaining to rules norms or standards; a claim is normative if it relates implicitly or explicitly to a set of evaluative standards or obligations e. Normative standards can be bound to specific contexts e. The process by which a policy, group of people etc achieves widespread acceptance. An inexperienced debater. Exact definitions vary and include most commonly: a speaker who has never debated at a university competition; a speaker who has been debating competitively for less than a year and anything in between; a speaker who has never 'broken'; and many more.

A competition where teams are allowed to consist of speakers from different institutions, or non-students. The opening team is the team speaking in the first half of the debate. Open Motions.

Practical Guide to Debating : World Syles

A designated motion, normally intentionally vaguely worded, in which first Prop get to decide what the debate will be about, essentially providing the actual motion at the start of the PM speech as well as a model. Some competitions, most notably the Durham Open, exist entirely of such motions.

Generally the first few inrounds, in which the judges' call and reasoning, as well as any speaker feedback, is given to all teams as soon as the judging discussion is complete.

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By contrast see 'Closed Round'. A debate on an unbalanced motion where there are more, better and more intuitive arguments on the opposition side than the proposition side.

This House would allow murder. Opp Sweep. When the two opposition teams take first and second in a debate. Opportunity cost. Org Com. The Organising Committee of a debating tournament. Varies in size depending on the competition from a team of over a dozen people organising Worlds or Euros to perhaps a pair organising a small national competition. A term from social theory meaning to mark out or treat a group or a type of people as fundamentally "different" in some way by stressing some presumed essential feature of those people, by virtue of which they are different from the mainstream and therefore either outwith reasonable bounds of empathetic concern or unworthy of some sort of protective state intervention.

Unlike in-rounds where points are accumulated for a final tally, these are knock-out, normally meaning that only the best two teams progress to the next out-round. With the exception of the final, obviously. Unlike in-rounds teams are not assigned positions from 1st through 4th but are simply through or out, or the winners or not.

Practical Guide to Debating : World Syles

When the first proposition team takes on more burdens than strictly required by the motion. Sometimes this can add well needed clarity to an otherwise nebulous motion, othertimes it can just put second proposition in a rather difficult position of being obliged to defend the indefensible through no fault of their own, or the motion. See; Judging Panel. A judge on a panel who is not the chair.

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Parliamentary language. Acceptable way of speaking in a debate. Generally defined negatively, E. A systemic bias in society towards men, be it in paying them more, promoting them higher, taking their views more seriously or any other form of discrimination that disadvantages women. Political Capital. Analogous to money, a theoretical term for the goodwill, owed favours, etc. Setting the motion in a specific country or region. Most motions are set presuming they will take pace in teh country the debate is set, or comparable countries see "Western Liberal Democracies".

Some competitions may have specific rules regarding where it is legitimate so place set a motion. Some motions are by their nature place set in a particular country e.