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Circle of Three #2: Merry Meet

Categories Livres. Try it on. Kate slipped the ring over her finger. That seemed better than wearing my class ring with ten miles of yarn wrapped around it, Scott said. Do you like it? The happiness inside Kate flowed out as quickly as it had come. Scott sighed.


Not entirely, he answered. But New York is looking better and better.

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New York. Three thousand miles away. He might as well be going to school on the moon , thought Kate. She looked at the beautiful ring on her finger and tried to will the sinking feeling in her stomach to go away. And this will always remind me of you.

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You and your friends, Scott said, laughing. Probably not, Scott admitted. But can I have another half hour or so of your time before you check in? After the last of the dessert was gone and the bill was paid, Scott stood up and helped Kate on with her coat. They left the restaurant and walked down the pier to the parking area. It was amazing how much her life had changed in that time, and not just because of Scott. Kate tried not to think about the future. Scott was right; they still had three months of school left, and then the whole summer.

That was a lot of time. Besides, Kate thought, a lot can happen in three months. Scott pulled up in front of a house and stopped. Here we are, he said. Door-to-door service. But eventually Scott did pull away. I had a great time tonight, he said. I hope it was worth the wait. It was most definitely worth the wait, said Kate. Scott leaned over and kissed her again. Have fun tonight.

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  • Kate walked to the front door of the house. She rang the bell, and almost immediately the door flew open and two expectant faces peered out at her. Sorry, moms, Kate said, pushing past her two friends and walking straight into the kitchen, where she knew there would be some hot chocolate waiting for her. Since when did you get all streetwise? Kate asked, pulling out a chair and sitting down at the kitchen table. Annie blushed. Meg was her nine-year-old sister. Where Annie was shy and reserved around other people, especially the other kids at school, Meg was a regular social butterfly, talking easily to anyone and everyone who would listen.

    Where is Meg, anyway? Kate asked. Normally the little girl was at her side the minute she entered the house, anxious to tell Kate the plot of the latest book she was devouring. In many ways their friendship was still new, and although she, Cooper, and Annie had shared a lot, they all still had some secrets. Took her with her? Kate asked, noticing a plate of chocolate chip cookies on the table and taking one.

    You mean we have the house to ourselves? Kate asked, giving her friends a wicked look. In that case, I say an all-night pajama party is in order. Kate looked from Cooper to Annie.

    Circle of Three #5: In the Dreaming

    Kate was as outgoing as Annie was shy. But that too, was before the whole spell thing. Now here she was, waiting for Cooper and Annie to spill the beans. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Special feature: This PerfectBound e-book contains: An interview with Isobel Bird, part two Joined together hand in hand our circle gathers round, to work our magic, weave the web, and dance on sacred ground.

    Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. What are you thinking about? Nothing, she said quickly. Just about how nice it is to be here with you. Scott asked, chewing on the bread. What does she mean by that? Kate asked as she dipped her spoon into the chocolate. Got me, Scott replied. Maybe there are nuts in here or something. Scott said, grinning.

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