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  1. Would You Believe It!! (TV Series – ) - IMDb
  2. Would you believe it, Len had blood replaced!
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Some scientists are even looking into algae farming in space. Morgan Irons, a Cornell Ph. Robotic farming techniques that are currently being pioneered on Earth could come in handy for future space settlers. In fact, autonomous robots may well be tasked with boring the tunnels and outfitting the habitats long before humans move in. Internal email: Amazon exec Steve Kessel to leave after leading massive push into physical retail.

Would You Believe It!! (TV Series – ) - IMDb

Zillow 2. Email address Subscribe. GeekWire Daily - Top headlines daily. GeekWire Weekly - Most-read stories of the week, delivered Sunday. GeekWire Podcasts — Weekly update with our latest audio episodes. Find more jobs on GeekWork. Would you believe it? What questions do you have about Christianity?

Would you believe it, Len had blood replaced!

What things bug you? What about when the Bible says this? My friend asked me? Ask the young people to take a few moments to think about a question they want to ask. Perhaps something they have never understood or an issue they struggle with.

The questions are then written on slips of paper anonymously and placed into a hat or bag. Take a short break. Review the questions and select several you want to begin with. Acknowledge and affirm ALL the questions. Remember this is not an exercise to show your group how clever you are!

Encourage thoughts and comments on each question from others in the group. Do others find this difficult too? What do you think? Where appropriate, add your own comments, experiences, bible passages to review and teaching.

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If you don't know the answer - say so! But promise to go away and find out more. This can mean a lot to a young person asking about a genuine question of belief. Work on it and have some further thoughts and study for the next time you meet.

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Some questions could also be used a primers for further Bible study. NOTE I've had these quotes for a long time and I'm not sure of the original source, although they are genuine. I believe they come from Australian insurance claims. However, I hesitate to say too much about that to avoid an antipodean backlash For more, click on discussion starters in the category list.

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