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  1. Why a TV station recruited climate skeptics to go on a fact-finding road trip - NewsLab
  2. Skeptics in Dongguan
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  5. 80. Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics with Jeff Warren

I would be less worried about spying by Tencent, though one does hear occasional gossip that the company monitors WeChat messages to some extent.

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One of those ways involved forming tie-ups with big commercial partners, which we saw earlier this year when China Merchants Bank began offering some of its banking services over the platform. But such differences could easily end up causing major problems if Tencent becomes too protective and heavy-handed in its dealings with its commercial partners.

Why a TV station recruited climate skeptics to go on a fact-finding road trip - NewsLab

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Sponsorship sponsorship techonomy. WeChat image via Flickr. Simultaneously, I also want to see the world!

Skeptics in Dongguan

I have most everything I need, but I wish more things were somewhat weather-proof. I like my little Guitalele, but I crave my Big Baby on a daily basis. Jon has his traveling friends carve their names into the Guitalele whenever possible. Every beginning traveler carries a money belt on them, and every veteran traveler laughs a bit on the inside whenever they see one.

That said, I carry a money belt sometimes.

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Also, I can look a little out of place carrying a future-backpack full of audio gear and three computers in Nepal. Also, I generally have the board game Tsuro on me, which is great for a little laid back pick-up gaming at slow hostels.

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Are any of those weird? The people who strike me as weird are the ones who carry their own food or sanitation products everywhere. Bring an entire jug of Ghee or Sriracha everywhere with you, you monster.

PHILOSOPHY - Epistemology: The Problem of Skepticism [HD]

Has living in the Western world sanitized you to the point of being unable to fight even the most common of bacteria in a foreign city? Better layer on that Purell like a second skin.

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Traveling is easy if you let it be. Toss out every preconception of what you should experience out in the world, because it will be different. Just get there and be entirely in moment. Pick a spot on the map, rent a motorbike or buy a bus ticket, and just head out into the vast unknown.

80. Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics with Jeff Warren

Just get out and experience the world as it comes to you! See you out here, nomads. You can keep up with Jon and his writing on his blog, The Skeptics Guide. Pack Hacker utilizes affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of our product links, Pack Hacker will receive a small commission at no cost to you.