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But when her hometown comes under siege from hellspawn straight out of Chinese folklore, her priorities are dramatically rearranged. While Genie knows Quentin only as an attractive transfer student with an oddly formal command of the English language, in another reality he is Sun Wukong, the mythological Monkey King incarnate—right down to the furry tale and penchant for peaches. The fates of her friends, family, and the entire Bay Area all depend on her summoning an inner power that Quentin assures her is strong enough to level the very gates of Heaven.

But every second Genie spends tapping into the secret of her true nature is a second in which the lives of her loved ones hang in the balance. The Book Smugglers. Serendipity Reviews. The Perpetual Page-Turner. Cleopatra Loves Books. Something to Live For — Richard Roper 3 days ago.

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Blood Coven 2. An imitation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with good and bad vampires. A malevolent ghosts haunts Fort Riley, Kansas, driving people to acts of senseless violence against one another, ultimately thwarted by a teenaged boy who has the ability to see what is going to happen in advance of the event. An amoral killer dies but his spirit manages to survive and begins to sap energy from the minds of the living. Satanic rites and supernatural powers split a family.


Two brothers struggle to survive as they struggle for their lives against a supernatural power that uses humans as its tools. A disquieting teenager discovers a magical coin which imbues him with supernatural powers. Corrupted by his newfound superiority, he begins to feel invulnerable, and expresses his dislike and contempt for others in increasingly violent fashions. The protagonist discovers almost by chance that he possesses supernormal abilities that could make him the most powerful man on Earth. A society of sorcerers is unwilling to allow him to survive independently of their control, and a magical, supernatural duel ensues until one side is defeated.

Works (4,724)

A very peculiar novel of a strange genetic mutation which is actually the re-creation of an ancient structure, emerging unpredictably to alter the shape of human beings, causing them to become both more and less than human. Pornography about an ancient curse. Vivian, whom see. A Gordon Green novel. Detective story with some minor supernatural content. Occult detective story. The feud between two families grows deadly when one of the principles turns out to be a practicing witch with authentic powers.

An evil priest uses human sacrifice to increase his magical power, which he has directed against a family he hates. Elementals are tormenting a family until an occult detective finds a way to drive them off.

Search Results - HarperCollins UK

A woman is revealed to be possessed by a cat goddess which periodically uses her body to manifest itself and commit murder. Permuted, Deathwatch Shadowfall, Gypsies battle a supernatural force.

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  • Die Judenemanzipation in Baden im Zusammenhang mit den Verhandlungen der Zweiten Kammer der Ständeversammlung in den Jahren 1845 bis 1848 und den revolutionären Ereignissen 1848 (German Edition)?
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Book of Ghosts and Goblins, The? A small town is menaced by a cloud which moves independently of air currents, and which brings death to those who fall within its shadow. The cloud turns out to be a new form of malevolent life created from toxins emitted into the air.

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An obvious and rather silly warning of the perils of polluting the environment. A young boy suspects that not all of the residents in his new home are still among the living. Dead Run, The Harper, A man makes a deal with an Aztec monster. A man struggles to overcome being possessed.

The life of a genuine psychic troubled by her childhood. A superior novel of the contagious dream, one which can be fatal to the dreamer. An angry African witchdoctor starts the cycle, a dream which grows in intensity as it passes from one person to another on its way toward the object of the witch doctor's wrath. The protagonists must create a counterdream to strike back at the originator. A ghost story.

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Two demons of Hell are engaged in a battle against one another. One has created a succubus which it sends to live in a city in an apartment directly over an unhappy gay man, who is unwittingly about to play a major role in their battle. Stories from the Plague Years Chizine, A family rents a large summer home for a ridiculously low price, only to discover that there's a good reason. After a series of dangerous accidents and supernatural events, they attempt to leave, only to discover that the estate will not allow them to escape.

Filmed as a better than average movie. A complex and frequently fascinating mixture of supernatural themes, the central one being the return of an scheming woman as a succubus, a sort of discorporate demon who drains males sexually. A newly opened high rise office building is the scene of increasingly violent and horrible events, as the edifice itself becomes the agent of vengeance for ancient wrongdoing. I'm surprised it took this long for someone to write a haunted skyscraper novel. A sequel to Carmilla by J.