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When using video on social media, one of the most important factors to consider is how your audience is going to be viewing your video. On Facebook, for example, 85 percent of viewers actually watch video with the sound off. That means, when planning your social videos, you have to do extra work to design them to be watchable and still make sense when muted.

The Price of Silence | 3

While it should be intuitive, as video is a visual medium, it can still sometimes be tricky to pull off in practice. Need an example you can copy? Check out this video we made for TripAdvisor, which communicates a clear message without needing the accompanying audio. Still, in terms of excitement, "Shogun," this isn't. Upon arriving in Japan, the priests almost instantly discover how inhospitable the climate has become for Christians, with the local villagers who practice the faith sheltering them -- and hiding their own loyalties, knowing that they'll be sentenced to death if discovered.

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The principal architect of that punishment, known as the Inquisitor Issey Ogata , carries out his duties with almost a sense of resignation, while tormenting the young priest for his naivete in believing that Christianity could ever flourish in Japan. The Japanese authorities seek a demonstration that someone has rejected Christ and apostatized -- rejecting their faith through a symbolic act, like stepping or spitting on an image of Jesus or the blessed virgin.

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As "Silence" drags on, though, it becomes little more than a prolonged series of such moments, with the principal suspense being whether the victim will choose death over apostasy. Ultimately, the question of breaking their wills comes down to whether it makes more sense to simply play along than to suffer, or allow others to do so. While we did throw a background track for those viewers who were so amazed they just had to turn on their sound, the video is entirely watchable in silence without losing any information whatsoever.

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Using exclusively video footage, title-cards, and even simple still images, you can create a similar video for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to attract eager viewers or nurture on-the-fence followers. Grant H.

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