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Distinct features of the local bird Black Shag or Kawau
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BAGS--A big quantity. BAIL--Arrangement for confining cow's head. BASH--To hit. BAT--Tool used in "Two-up. BEAK--A magistrate. BEAL--Aboriginal drink. BIFF--To strike hard. BINT--A woman. BIRD--Quaint person. BITE--To ask for a loan. BLOW--To boast. BOKO--The nose. BOOB--A prison. BOTT--Person who borrows. BUCK--To resist. BURL--To try anything. The Bustard lives in the scrub, the Wild Turkey on the plains. CONE--The nose.

Like a Shag on a Rock

COOT--A contemptible person. COVE--An individual. CRIB--A house. CRIB--To steal; a home. Long legs, bill turned downwards. DAG--A funny fellow. DASH--An ejaculation expressing annoyance. DIAL--The face. DO IN--To defraud. DOSS--To sleep. DRAY--A cart. DRUM--A brothel.

Birds of a Feather

DUD--A failure. EDGE--To withdraw. EMU--A large non-flying ground bird.

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  • Meanings and origins of Australian words and idioms.

There are species. FAG--A cigarette. FLAT--A fool. FLY--Wide awake; smart.

South Georgia shag

FOWL--Old woman; obnoxious women. FROG--A policeman; a note. FUNK--To be afraid. GIN--Aboriginal woman. GINK--A peculiar fellow. GOAT--A fool. GRAB--To seize. GUFF--Foolish talk.

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  8. GUM--Popular name for trees of the genus Eucalyptus. GUN--Tobacco pipe. GUY--A person. HASH--A common food. HEAD--A person of authority. HUNK--A piece of anything.


    HUT--A small bush home. JAB--A smart punch.

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    5. JAKE--All right; in order. JANE--A woman. JIFF--A brief period. Word now obsolete. JOHN--A policeman. JO-JO--A hairy-faced person. JOLT--A sharp punch. One who jumps a claim.

      Stolen Child

      KEEK--To have a look. KICK--To protest. KID--A child; to deceive. KNUT--A flash person. LAD--A humorous fellow.

      South Georgia shag - Wikipedia

      LAG--To delay. LARK--A practical joke. Little black shags breed colonially between late October and December, sometimes nesting with other shag species. The nest is an open platform of sticks and twigs, lined with leaves and grass, in trees overhanging fresh water. The typically 4 pale bluish-green eggs are laid 2 days apart. It is thought that both sexes share nest building, incubation and protecting chicks. The incubation period is unknown. Young are naked at hatching. Juvenile plumage is dark brown with slight scalloping appearing with age.

      Little black shags are highly gregarious species, especially after breeding although birds are also seen singly or in small groups. Conspicuous flocks of up to birds sometimes more feed, roost and travel together at estuaries, lakes and rivers. They forage co-operatively, herding and encircling shoals of small fish. Birds feed throughout the day but rest at times on rocks, shingle, or river banks or mudflats.

      Roosting is in flocks in trees or on rocky outcrops on the shoreline. Little black shags are strong fliers, usually just above the water surface and often in a V formation. Males display a variety of mate-attraction and territorial displays at or near the nest, including wing-waving, gargling, pointing, kink-throating and hopping.

      Little black shags mainly consume small fish caught in fresh or marine environments. Buchler, M. New nesting site for little black shag. Notornis 25 : Heather, B. The field guide to the birds of New Zealand. Viking, Auckland. Marchant, S. Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic birds.