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My 14 month-old I think will be much pickier.

An Ultra-Brief History of New England Chowder

She only wants to eat fruit, very specific vegetables and some meat and throws everything else on the floor until we give up and bring out the blueberries. I am not sure we were quite there the first time around at this point. I try to post at least one dinner idea a day often with recent successes on FB, Twitter and Instagram, if you follow SK in any of those places.

Something about being born in the summer of , perhaps? I definitely follow all of your social media and subscribe to your newsletter!

A guide to spaghetti con le vongole

My son liked frozen blueberries at that age. And frozen grapes, so if I found good sales I would buy a bunch of fruit and freeze it. So I kind of gave up on it until I read the article and decided to always have a side of cornbread. But a bowl of fruit or sweet potatoes or bread on the side is not the end of the world. Also, 15 mos is very, very young. Still a baby! This is great, I agree. We do a lot of side dish-ing as well, and as I said above, breaking things down into their elements whenever possible. Basically anything to avoid control battles and give him time to try things on his own timetable.

I will say though, happy as I am with this approach it, kids and food can be a bit crazy-making! So, 15 months is young! I think the key is to just keep offering, not just once or twice but over and over.

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Eventually they will get used to seeing the food and may pick up better eating habits. When mine were little, no one I knew fixed two meals. Our kids just ate what we ate unless it was very weird or too spicy and to this day they will try new things and eat a better variety than I do. Over the week our kid was getting tons of good, healthy stuff, just the occasional dinner fail got in the way some nights.

This is the attitude I take with our 20 month old. Kids pick up on anxiety so trying to relax about meals really helps. This is dinner magic! Also, Deb, are we able to comment without using our in my case, defective Gravatar account now? Oh My God! That looks divine. Where did you find Manila clams??

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  • Yes, I was wondering the same thing! I am near Boston as well, and despite this being a seafood-rich area, I can never find these darn little clams anywhere! You can leave them in it long enough to thoroughly purge they consume the cornmeal and expel the grit without being in danger of the tap water killing them.

    I apologize for this unnecessarily long question but as you can see I take your recommendations very seriously ;.

    Yummy Hard Clam Cooking Tamarind - Hard Clam Stir Fry - Cooking With Sros

    Everything you read about here was purchased by me. I do, however, like to support other authors whose work I enjoy. Thanks for your response! And just to be clear I never implied that you accepted promotional products : Infact, it was the opposite! Someone told me that a two year old only needs two tablespoons of food a meal to be adequately nourished. That might have been the kindest thing anyone ever told me! Bring on the blueberries, and the rest of us can eat clams and bread. Hi Leanne, Frozen clams would work well, We have them in our local grocery store and when I want to make a vat of clam chowder soup I use them successfully.

    I just keep them in a big bowl of ice until I need them. They are raised in water farms so there is very dirt or grit. Dear Debb, thank you for bringing us back to the very special country and sharing very special but easy to make dinner.

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    It seems that this is going to be my pleasure only since my son is not into clams but, of course, I am not complaining :- While waiting to see your next creation, Happy cooking! I am rather astounded that broccoli seems to be a favored food for your kids. Looks delicious. Unfortunately, I live in a landlocked area, many miles from fresh seafood.

    There is plenty of good quality frozen seafood out there. This looks delicious! Sometimes I like to add a little chourico for some extra Portuguese flair :. He has a sailboat on Puget Sound and we will sail to a good clamming beach during the day, then in the evening cook up the clams we dug this way.

    Meat and veg

    Though we usually serve them over noodles. I made this last night after a long day at work and it was 1. For some odd reason, I had never made anything with clams before.

    This provided the perfect inspiration to break out of my rut. I love this thread, both for that wonderful clam dish and for all the kid advice. Oh my, this is exactly how I cook mussels. And I only eat them with good crusty bread to dunk in the juices. So simple and heavenly!

    Mom of six young ones here — just wanted to share a tidbit a wise pediatrician shared with me years ago. A tablespoon of most foods per year of age is a serving. Totally eased all my kid-food worries. And my oldest has made it 13 years, so I think it was good advice. Super quick, brag-worthy weeknight dinner. Treat yourself! You know what I love about you, Deb? Aside from everything of course!? You make this kind of dish accessible. Never in a million years would I have pictured myself making clams- this is something you eat at a restaurant, right?

    Buttery Mushroom and Clam Pasta. - Half Baked Harvest

    Done by people who know how to make this kind of stuff, right? They take a holiday? Does anyone have insights? Thanks for correcting that- I am safe for a while then :. My sentiments exactly! And from someone who works near the shellfish industry in Washington State, regular monitoring occurs in the US around shellfish beds, and they are closed whenever the levels of toxins get high enough to cause risk. Around here, July, August and September are highest risk for toxins.

    The Washington Department of Health has an entire program devoted to shellfish with maps of closures; I imagine other coastal states do as well. Recipe is in his Minute Gourmet cookbook.

    How to cook the perfect clam chowder

    This recipe reminds me of many wonderful meals with Pierre Franey. Thank you! Hi Fiche, Perhaps some shallots, maybe try a tablespoon of finely minced, and green onions might be a milder substitute? Good luck and enjoy experimenting :.