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Sign up. Subscribe to this podcast. Targeted Podcast True Crime Domestic Violence investigates cases of family violence each season, using academic research to interpret the events so we can become better advocates. Adverse Childhood Experiences, also called ACEs, impact the life of the survivor in ways that are not obvious. Today, inspired by a listener, we'll take a brief look at ACEs as well as Toshua Amber and Shelby's uneasy relationship with food. In the United States call HOPE to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.

Promo: Obscura. Many have been wondering what type of abusers Jimmy and Christie Osborn were, and today we delve into the topic. Were they terrorists? Or something else?

Antiquarian & Collectible Ecology, Environment Signed Books in English for sale | eBay

Surprise -- bonus episode today! The YWCA is a leader in providing a safe place for survivors of domestic violence. From housing, to childcare, to dealing with the legal process, there are so many resources that are available. This is a Targeted Topic, which means it is a stand-alone episode, not tied to other miniseries. Josh was not the only Osborne child being abused and his sisters tell their story today.

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At the end of our interview. Shelby said something profoundly mature and full of hope, "I don't parent the way that I was raised, I parent against the way I was raised. This means that next week we will not release an episode to get back on schedule. It is handled respectfully, but may be upsetting. Josh's father and stepmother are tried together for aggravated child neglect in It all hinges on whether or not starving a year-old to 49 lbs and shackling him to a bed can be considered "serious bodily harm.

Soon after Josh was rescued, his stepmother's family began spinning tales of how dangerous Josh was and that he'd once been found standing over her with a butcher knife. Could this be true or was it a wild fabrication? Was Christie truly in fear for her life and was that why she chained up Josh? A phone call is about to be made leading to the rescue of year-old Josh Osborn, whose parent starved him and chained him to his bed.

You see, Josh was not the only one being abused. Dealing with a stalker is a confusing and emotional ordeal. We try to save their face, meaning that we try to avoid embarrassing them. None of it is perfect, unfortunately, and there are no easy answers, but there are some steps people can take if they want to assertively deal with a stalker.

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Part of a holistic strategy of dealing with stalkers has to include appropriate legislation. Reform in laws and legislation surrounding domestic violence usually grows out of tragic circumstances that receive a fair amount of publicity. Monica Deming's death provided just such an impetus.

Stalking is a dangerous sign in domestic violence, one that portends violence, but it is difficult for those involved to understand the risks. From the target, to the police, to families, to friends, to the court system, stalking often seems like it is less threatening than it is. She changed her cover photo to a fall sunset photo of a placid lake, bronze trees, and a solitary dock with the Bible verse John inscribed across it. With a week and a half, Brandon shot Monica to death. Jane introduced us to the case of Monica Deming as she is working to pass legislation to protect future targets such as Monica from violent perpetrators.

When we left Jane last week, she had just opened the door to her abusive husband.

Targeted Podcast True Crime Domestic Violence

If you want to skip the recap, begin the episode at 5 minutes 45 seconds. Today we are going to hear the story of Jane, a strong woman who first worked to provide her husband with a good life and then worked very hard to get away from him. Jane is a listener of the podcast who shared her story with me and I asked if she would share it with you. I wanted to pop back in during our mid-season break to wish you a happy holiday season.

Does the research back this up? As I read that statement, it made me wonder, yet again, how much have we learned since then?

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Have we been able to change our thinking and become better advocates for targets of domestic violence? Thank you to Donna Barrow-Green, activist, professor and author of the fiction podcast The Diarist for speaking with us about some current problems that still may exist when police interview survivors of domestic violence. Twenty-nine years ago, in fall of , NBC aired a TV movie that was so impactful that people who saw it then still remark on the effect it had on them. I recently watched the movie with two fellow podcasters and a full episode of our discussion will be up on Patreon by the end of November.

For today I wanted to give you a sneak peek into the episode. A man named Simon Quill, who once left Paladin to die, is about to be hanged — and only Paladin can save him. A man named Adam Mirakian is arrested for murder, but insists that his twin brother is the real killer. Frank R. A politician wants Paladin to keep an eye on his wife.

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Paladin looks all over Mexico for a man who once served the emperor, but he's not the only one searching for the man. A man named Morgan Gibbs hires Paladin to bring back his son — a killer — alive. Pierson Story : Sloan Nibley. A woman's son has been missing for twenty years and she wants Paladin to find him.

An immigrant named Nathan Shotness witnesses a murder — and may be the next victim. Paladin tries to find the perfect woman for a trail bum who's inherited half a gambling house. Paladin needs help looking for kidnappers. Paladin becomes umpire at a baseball game where guns are being used as much as bats. Paladin ends up in jail after getting into a brawl. A property dispute between a pair of ranchers gets violent.

A female sheriff needs Paladin's help with facing landgrabbers. A man named Jessie may sets out to avenge his father's death. A group of Paiutes target a prospector who's digging ore from an Indian silver mine. A marshal is forced to hunt down his own son wanted for murder. Paladin assists traveler Phineas Fogg on his day trip around the world.

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Paladin captures a wanted killer, but his troubles are just beginning. A judge is about to release Justin Groton, a man who's been in prison awaiting execution since he was thirteen years old. A puppeteer's fury ruins his performance and puts his life in danger. While in a mission, Paladin finds a man who's being sought by gunslingers.

Paladin escorts a sheepherder suspected of murder to a town full of cattlemen. The cattlemen decide that the sheepherder Paladin brought to them should be hanged. Paladin looks for Princess Sarafina. A woman named Marion Sutter begs Paladin to rescue her Southern husband from a rebel hater. Paladin is hired as a tax collector in a town where the last three tax collectors were killed on the job.

With a blizzard raging on, Paladin shares a cabin with marshal and his prisoner, who's trying to talk his way to freedom. A condemned killer runs into Paladin while trying to make a break for freedom. Paladin deals with a judge who holds court in a saloon and only sentences defendants to be hanged. Paladin pursues a bank clerk suspected of making off with a gold bar. A ne'er-do-well must save Paladin before a killer ends him.

Paladin pursues a gang that's threatening to poison the water supply to take farmers' money. Paladin attempts to calm down a wealthy miner on one of his semiannual binges. Robert Butler. Paladin clashes with a crooked lawman. Paladin is astonished that an Austrian prince wants him to lead a Mexican invasion. A sharpshooter with a big reputation is oddly reluctant to use his gun. When someone steals his horse and gun, Paladin must fend for himself after a mountain lion attacks him.