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Traditional distillers would pack up their stills and brew the liquor in the woods, with an eye out for the law. Moonshine is usually derived from corn mash. Nascar racing was born from moonshiners racing in modified vehicles. Today, legal moonshine sponsors legal racing. Moonshine has been boosted by popular culture depictions, such as Robert Mitchum's "Thunder Road" and "Moonrunners" movies, as well music from artists such as Bob Dylan.


Revenuers make their presence felt in an American town during prohibition, Public information campaign attacking moonshiners. Other publicity materials stressed the health risks.

Former U. President George Washington used to distill his own liquor, which was reportedly very drinkable. In the golden age, folk heroes like Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton and Doc King avoided high alcohol taxes by hitching their stills to souped-up cars and lighting out for the Appalachian woods after dark, where they distilled eye-watering liquor from corn mash, to be sold in mason jars off the books.

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They played a game of cat and mouse with the authorities, as illegal distilling was an offense that carried jail time. But it was also high risk for the hated "revenuers" from the liquor authority, who were sometimes attacked, tarred and feathered. The product itself could be dangerous. For much of its year history, moonshine referred to any illegal home-made spirit, including low quality brews with deadly contaminants.

Today it usually describes clear, unaged whiskey, and standards have improved as the distillers no longer need to operate in the shadows. When the global financial crisis hit the Appalachian heartlands, counties all over the region tapped into one of the few growth industries by legalizing moonshine.

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The first legal distillery in Tennessee opened its doors in , and others followed in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Read: The spice that costs more than gold.

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  8. We make the real thing and use mason jars, nothing fancy. A explosion at the Anderson County factory highlighted the danger of no-frills distilling, but the damage was light enough that the company could take it in good humor.

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    But while the business takes pride in its local roots, the liquor has gone far beyond South Carolina. Today, Palmetto Moonshine sells in 24 U. It has spread across Canada and launched in the United Kingdom, with new distribution deals struck for the Caribbean and South Africa.

    Sales have risen from 5, cases in to 25, in The British connection was formed when Callum Burt received a moonshine jar as a Christmas present, and realized it was not available anywhere in the United Kingdom.

    Exploding moonshine: The new golden age of outlaw liquor

    Just as flexible in a cocktail as vodka but without the wicked burn or bad taste, use Belle Isle Black Label for simple sippers or twists on classics. Our first infusion, Belle Isle Honey Habanero is the perfect balance of sweet and heat. Infused with responsibly sourced grapefruit, we never use any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. This invigorating infusion combines our award-winning moonshine with freshly roasted fair trade coffee beans to create a coffee-infused spirit like no other.

    The higher proof sibling of Belle Isle Black Label, Belle Isle Proof still retains the smooth taste and versatility that our moonshine is known for.