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Benita Valente; Rudolf Serkin; Myron Bloom "Auf dem Strom"; Franz Schubert

Ewig hin, ihr Wonnetage! How does a body of research present itself when the deliberate omission of agencies and the discursive denial of perspectives are inscribed within it? What does it mean for Black scholars and scholars of Colour in Germany and abroad to build their scholarship on a body of knowledge manifesting itself in such a way?

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And finally, how could such strategies differ from white and other critical approaches? Peggy Piesche : Let me start by throwing a glance at the current discursive landscape that is relevant to our conversation: firstly, because it has turned into an increasingly obfuscating terrain; secondly, because it is important to understand the varied appearances of transnational discursive formations that are shaped, among other things, by hierarchical structural interdependencies of access and entry, visibility and perception. In German academia, white scholarship on race, Blackness, diversity and corresponding matters pertaining to specific conditions in Germany can be considered a relatively recent phenomenon.

Although their intersectional and interdisciplinary groundwork substantially impacted conceptual paradigms of historical, social and cultural sciences, and opened up several fields of critical theory, [5] these particular references are either omitted, reduced to footnotes or simply denied, which is why respective current research is dramatically marginalised, or more precisely, is perceived as such. In the US-academia, on the other hand, comparable research has been evolving in the broader field of German Studies for many years.

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Furthermore, over the course of the past decade, Black American and US-based Black German scholars as well as scholars of Colour have been advancing research questions with interdiasporic approaches and transferred them to the academically established field of Black Studies. Despite indisputable achievements, either constellation appears to be problematic, yet for very different reasons. It gets even more challenging if we take into consideration the inextricabilities and distinct nuances of transnational discursive dynamics, competing academic networks and normalising hegemonic trends.

Forged by different awarenesses and dissimilar possibilities of participating in the German and in the US-American Black German Studies fields, these co-active conditions have been causing unequal opportunities to enter into the findings of cross-Atlantic research.

Generally speaking, any attempt of researching the Black German Diaspora takes part in shaping a very fragile scientific chronotope. Despite numerous and partly long-standing efforts to unearth and conceptualise a Black German history and presence, the larger field still is emergent, scattered and ambiguous. To avoid misunderstandings: I really appreciate the idea of a free-floating and fallible scholarly field in progress.

Take the last parting kiss, and the wavy greeting that I'm still sending ashore before you turn your feet and leave! Already the waves of the stream are pulling briskly at my boat, yet my tear-dimmed gaze keeps being tugged back by longing! And so the waves bear me forward with unsympathetic speed. Ah, the fields have already disappeared where I once discovered her! Blissful days, you are eternally past! Hopelessly my lament echoes around my fair homeland, where I found her love.

Strom: 350.000 Haushalte mit Stromsperre

See how the shore dashes past; yet how drawn I am to cross: I'm pulled by unnameable bonds to land there by that little hut and to linger there beneath the foliage; but the waves of the river hurry me onward without rest, leading me out to the sea! Ah, before that dark wasteland far from every smiling coast, where no island can be seen - oh how I'm gripped with trembling horror! Gently bringing tears of grief, songs from the shore can no longer reach me; only a storm, blowing coldly from there, can cross the grey, heaving sea!

If my longing eyes, surveying the shore, can no longer glimpse it, then I will gaze upward to the stars into that sacred distance! Ah, beneath their placid light I once called her mine; there perhaps, o comforting future!