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Convert some of your favorite recipes. Get your mind right. This is a time to improve both physically and mentally. Fill up when you eat. Go green. Ride your bike when you can instead of driving, consider your carbon footprint, and reduce, reuse, and recycle. Try to reestablish the connection to Mother Earth that our ancestors had.

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Purge your kitchen. Pre-packaged, processed foods need to get gone. Keeping them around will only serve as a temptation. Shun soft drinks, avoid caffeinated beverages, and steer clear of fancy coffee drinks loaded with dairy and sugar. Ignore fads. Next week some new weight loss trend will come up and a week later it will be gone. Stay the course and go with a way of eating that is time tested and works. Start a garden. One kettlebell is all you need. The kettlebell swing works multiple parts of the body with one exercise and serves as cardio too.

You can always trade in for a heavier weight if you outgrow it. Eat with the seasons. Take it all with a grain of salt and realize that no one really knows what it was like 10, years ago. Be in it for the long haul.

One Pot PALEO Dinner Recipes - Healthy Low-Carb Dinner Ideas

Paleo is more of a lifestyle that you embrace, and something that you can do for a lifetime. Start a new hobby. Keep your hands busy and mind active with a new hobby aligned with your interests. Have some bacon. Be your own guru. Get experimental. The person that created was just taking a stab at it and got it right. Put it on autopilot. This takes all of the guesswork out of it, and lets you focus on other things in your life besides food. Drop the boob tube. Your best bet is to turn off the TV for the first month of Paleo so you can establish new habits.

Keep meats lean.

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Manage your stress levels. Meditate, get a massage, take a sauna, or watch your favorite comedy to take the edge off. Seek good advice when needed. Ditch the diet pills. If you are following Paleo the results should come pretty quickly without the need to supplement with these sort of pills. Many times they can have dangerous side effects.

Instead of going with pounds on the scale, measure your Body Fat Percentage and clothes sizes. Make more than you need. This will provide you with leftovers and a meal the following day.

How to Reintroduce Food on AIP: The Definitive Guide

Big time saver! Consider starting your own Paleo blog. Blog about your personal journey and share your recipes for a chance to add a supplemental and perhaps full-time income to your bottom line. Identify a small group of Paleo friendly restaurants to frequent. Say no to legumes. Quit smoking. With the amount of toxins in just one cigarette this is a vice that goes against the entire Paleo philosophy. Be picky about what you eat. Perfection is not the goal. There is no wrong way to do this diet, and even a flawed attempt will produce significant results compared to eating typical fare.

Absorb the start-up costs. Expect to change. Giving up all of the preservatives, chemicals, and other additives in food, while simultaneously giving your body more vegetables and fruit it going to have some powerful effects. Beware of Forums. This is one way to get a lot of misinformation in a short period of time. Stick to more knowledgeable sources from those that have a track record of Paleo know-how. Take siestas. Evidence suggests our ancestors would have found a shady spot to rest during the hottest part of the day. Be ready for a challenge.

You can ease yourself in by slowing making the switch, but always push yourself to go a little further or you may never make it over completely. Equip your kitchen. Invest in a food processor, blender, and a good set of knives as the essential foundation to your kitchen arsenal. Use conventional wisdom as a reverse compass. If the government wants to stick to their outdated food pyramid and push the importance of grains and dairy, drop them completely.

Stop trusting food corporations. Be objective with yourself. Try something new, measure the results, keep tinkering. Stick to your plate. Keep a food journal. It also lets you see what caused any digestive issues so you can avoid it next time. You can also blog about what you eat and possibly make some extra money from it. Use soups and stews frequently. Be present when you eat. It will help reduce the amount of stressful eating as well, and you should always eat from a calm and serene center.

7 Step Paleo Diet Fast Track Guide - PaleoMunch!

Pre-eat before eating events. Make your own condiments. You can learn how to make your own things like Paleo mayo or Paleo ketchup and have them at the ready when you need a quick flavor upgrade. Give up the alcohol. The Paleolithic Era predates alcohol by several thousands of years. Meet new Paleo-minded friends. Sub in veggies for pasta.

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This substitution alone can lead to some big improvements in your waistline. Get more amorous. Paleo dieters have reported an increase in libido and endurance, which is only natural. Get an activity tracker. Know what triggers cravings. You can either sidestep these triggers or learn to use a suitable replacement when cravings do surface.

Triggers are essentially habits, so you can also work on changing old habits that make you want to eat like you used to. You can even wear it on airplane mode! As a recovering nightshift worker , I know firsthand the damaging side effects of going against your natural circadian rhythm.

I can also use the tracked data to figure out what I did the night before that impacted my sleep. One to grow on! I know I might not be able to fix all the damage caused by years of shift work, but with my Oura Ring, I can make sure my sleep from here on out is good.