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One Thirst and Hunger
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It's a Night Call Christmas Carol, where your ghosts of Night Calls past, present, and future have a review of the year's episodes. Thanks to all our listeners, all our guests, all our callers this year. Stay tuned next week for a New Year's Special. Merry Night Call!

PLUS a final, happy ending to a certain ongoing saga about a Ouija board. Plus, is Mary Poppins a horror movie? And what are the worst and best Christmas songs?

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The Night Callers call in for a Thanksgiving special about fried foods, corporate America, and everyone's favorite holiday movie, You've Got Mail. Plus, we've got mail that might help with the ongoing murderboard saga. Special guest totally real person not Frasier fanfic character Lesley Moon joins the Night Operators to talk bod vs brain-in-a-jar, Potato Houses, and performing Phantom of the Opera for your parents.

It's the episode they've been threatening for a while: The Big Chill special. Tess's favorite movie, one of Emily's tops, and Molly's first viewing! Get ready for character analyses, hot takes, and reflections on what the The Big Chill would be today. It's still Spoopy Season on Night Call, where Tess, Molly, and Emily discuss slasher movies, traumatizing movies, and what it really means when your ride breaks down at Disney.

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PLUS an important update about the ongoing Ouijaboard saga and a night call about loving your dog maybe a little too much. Casual dining, steampunk, and multi-level-marketing schemes galore, plus the Night Gang takes some of your suggestions on things to watch. Plus input on the steampunk ASMR scene from producer Rachel and many updates on past segments, including the progress of a certain homicide wood.

We'll hear about sharks, plague doctors, dopplegangers, and what you can do to reclaim Halloween with cookies — albeit not cookies laced with cremains. Plus a Night E-mail about bike churches! Tess recalls a trip back to New York, while the Night Callers discuss solid milk [cheese], hypocritical vegans, and a certain dangerous creature brought to Colombia by Pablo Escobar. Sincere apologies to the one guy who was really grossed out by the mayo discussion — you may want to skip - and - Happy Night Call!

This e We're back to Bi-Coastal, just in time to talk about weather disaster stories, Doppelgangers, and an actual good Nicholas Cage movie. This episode is sponsored by: Stamps. Plus more saucetalk! Tess and Molly discuss the various merits of mayonnaise, spooky dolls vs ventriloquist dummies, and what is the best gateway witchcraft.

This episode is spon The magnificent barbershop trio is back with a special wayback episode talking about all things Obama, road trip, and Blog House. Those that capture the mystery of metamorphosis; those in which characters are transformed by love, rage, grief, exile, politics, religion, art.

Ploughshares | Awards | LibraryThing

Product Details About the Author. About the Author. Hometown: Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Date of Birth: November 16, Place of Birth: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Education: B. Average Review.


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Series: Ploughshares

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